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CryptoBridge Cryptocurrency Exchange Overview

Crypto-Bridge 2.0, a decentralized exchange, also known as DEX, is the next generation cryptocurrency trading platform. It supports trading with most of the popular altcoins.

The company was established in July 2017. It allows you to trade bitcoin and more than 150 other cryptocurrencies. The platform is based on the BitShares network, which can process up to 100,000 transactions per second and leaves users with complete control over private keys. Therefore, traders may not be afraid that the administration will block or appropriate their funds.

The development of CryptoBridge is directly related to the BridgeCoin coin. It is created on the scrypt algorithm to finance the development and development of the exchange. The coin is traded on the site, and its holders can receive passive income.

The developers have created a multi-platform system that works in the web version, and is also available for download on Windows, Mac OS and Linux as a desktop application. There is no mobile version yet.

There is no open information about the creators and the team of specialists who are working on the development of the project.

Official site

The domain is registered 08/15/2017. The official website of CryptoBridge is presented in several language versions:

  • English
  • French
  • Italian
  • Russian
  • Spanish
  • Japanese
  • Chinese and others.

On the main page, the site introduces the main advantages. There is information about DLT technology and how it is implemented on the exchange. Announcements of system updates and updates are also regularly published.

At the bottom of the page is the Roadmap. According to him, support for ERC-20 format tokens, Cryptonote and Graphene protocols will be implemented on the exchange in the near future, mobile versions for Android, iOS are added.

Registration and login to CryptoBridge

When you go to the account creation page, the system will remind you to check the address bar so as not to become a victim of scammers. To register you need:

  • Come up with a username;
  • Duplicate the generated password in the field below;
  • Confirm that you understand the risks in case of loss of password.

After that, you will once again be reminded of the importance of backing up your password, because if you lose it, you will not be able to log into your account. This completes the registration.

 Input and output

Only cryptocurrencies are listed. When you go to the wallet, the system will require you to repeat the access to enter your account. After that you can deposit / withdraw assets. Traders are available:

  • Bitcoin
  • Bitcoin cache
  • Lightcoin;
  • Dash
  • Verge
  • Monacoin and a large number of other altcoins.

Commission for deposit is 0%, and for withdrawal – network fee.


Trading is carried out only in the crypt / crypt format. All pairs are divided into markets: BTC, LTC, RVN, SMART, MONA, BTS and others. Most popular couples:

  • LPC / BTC – $ 591 541;
  • RVN / BTC – $ 234,811;
  • ACRE / BTC – $ 56,131.

The total daily volume is in the range of $ 1.2 million. According to recent updates, the commission of the maker is fully reimbursed. Moreover, the maker receives an additional 0.05% of the taker’s commission. The payment of the latter is 0.2%.

A Trading View chart is available on the exchange. Its functionality allows you to use a large number of professional tools for detailed market analysis. The chart is on the left side of the screen, on the right there is a list of available pairs, a chart of the depth of the

Types of Orders

Traders can place orders:

  • By limit.
  • On the market.

On the exchange, you can take a loan in bitUSD, bitEUR, bitGold from other members of the ecosystem to put up a short, thus taking part in margin trading.

Tech support

Email [email protected]— has been allocated to contact support operators. You can also ask for advice in the Discord group or look for an answer in the Help section.


All customer funds are stored on the blockchain. Private keys of clients are encrypted and the exchange or other users cannot access them.

Additional functions

Stacking. BridgeCoin coin holders have a passive income opportunity. Users who put coins in the stack receive accruals in accordance with the selected period. Coins can be put for 3, 6 and 12 months and earn 20%, 50% or 100% profit, respectively. Interest is paid from the commission received by the exchange.

 CryptoBridge Reviews

The network contains mixed reviews about the service. Investors who have tried stacking claim to have received full payments. Others like the lack of commissions for makers and a large selection of cryptocurrencies for exchange.

On the other hand, there are those who are dissatisfied with the trading menu and the work of the software, because the pages load for a long time, and sometimes freeze.

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