Congratulations on March 8


1519890263_1-600x378 Congratulations on March 8

Eighth of March – this significant date awaits millions of women in all corners of the planet. They want to receive those care, attention and love that they lack in everyday life. Few people know that this special holiday appeared not so long ago, at the beginning of the 20th century. The prerequisite for his appearance was the multiple unrest of women in the United States, who on February 28, 1908 gathered a huge rally, demanding more rights for themselves, compared with men, they wanted a salary on a par with men, they wanted to take part in the elections and much more they wanted]]]. This movement has gained supporters around the world, and accordingly the scale has become global. And in 1910, German Klara Zetkin proposed the establishment of International Women's Day, so that women around the world that day could legally organize demonstrations and rallies, drawing public attention to their problems.

And now, after just over a hundred years, we see what it has turned into, and how the world has transformed! And most importantly – how women have transformed! Now, in most countries, women are considered equal, and plus this is constitutionally enshrined. It is unlikely that now we will see how the women will go on March 8 to protest against something] On the contrary, on March 8, everyone loves and adores us, and it’s easier even to expel men to the rally instead.

I wish everyone a spring mood, eternal beauty, feminine happiness, huge sincere love! And to stop the horse on a gallop and go to a burning hut]]]]

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