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Cryptocurrency exchange Coinut

Coinut – Singapore’s cryptocurrency exchange with support for bitcoin, altcoins, USDT, as well as futures, options and binary options. It does not support fiat currencies, and the offer of cryptocurrencies is very limited. The most popular trading pair is LTC / USDT.
Information about the need to verify accounts is not presented either on the site or on the forum.
Coinut exchange has been operating since 2013 and has not yet been seen in dubious incidents. All cryptocurrency assets are stored in cold wallets, and withdrawal applications are manually processed.
User reviews, for the most part, are positive. Some of them complain about delayed payments and problems when crediting funds under the referral program.
It features low fees. The commission for takers is only 0.10%. Makers are not charged a commission.


COINUT (COIN Ultimate Trading) is a comprehensive cryptocurrency trading platform. COINUT was designed to make exchanges simpler, faster, cheaper, and most secure for anyone who can trade cryptocurrencies and fiat currencies (SGD, USD and others …) around the world.

It is very easy to start trading, because direct deposits of SGD, USD and cryptocurrencies (BTC / ETH / LTC / ETC / XMR / USDT / ZEC) are possible on the platform. Low commissions and fast order processing speed encourage continuous trading.

The COINUT platform, founded in 2013 by one of the main developers of Litecoin, is one of the first cryptocurrency exchanges in Singapore.

COINUT headquarters in Singapore, subsidiaries in North America (Canada) and Europe (Switzerland). COINUT supports Boost VC from Silicon Valley and NUS Enterprise from Singapore. The platform has been working safely for about three years. The COINUT team has created a very advanced order matching mechanism that can process millions of orders per second to ensure fast and smooth execution of your orders.


  • A secure platform that keeps cryptocurrency offline.
  • Low commissions when trading on the platform.
  • User-friendly trading platform that is easy to use.
  • Constantly expanding listing
  • Fiat support

Check in

  1. We come up with a login
  2. Specify Email – it is best to use email from Google, as it is considered the most reliable
  3. We invent a password – it must contain uppercase and lowercase letters, numbers, signs and be at least 8 characters (15-20 is better)
  4. Writing a phone number
  5. Enter characters with captcha
  6. Enter SMS code
  7. Click ‘Sign in’

Next, you need to confirm the email address – for this you need to go to the specified mailbox and follow the link in the letter from COINUT.

Done! You are listed on COINUT. Next, just go to the exchange with a username and password.

 Profile Security Setting

As soon as you log into your account after registration, the system will redirect you to the main page of trading. But before you deposit funds and start bidding, we recommend that you set up your account security.

To do this, select the “Settings” section in the menu. Here, in addition to the password, you can connect two-level authentication from Google – we recommend that you do this right away.


Verification (identity verification) is necessary to prevent fraud and ensure community security. Verification also adds an extra layer of security.

To pass the verification in the menu, click on the section “Customer Due Diligence”.

What documents do I need to upload to the site for verification? Passport + selfie with a passport – at the same time it should be a passport. You also need to confirm the address – for this you need to upload a photo / scan of the electricity bill or any other.

The verification process may take some time. Until your identity is verified, you cannot use the platform to complete transactions.

Deposit funds

To replenish the account, go to the ‘Funds’ section. Further we carry out the following actions:

  • Choose the desired currency to enter
  • Copy the address of a digital wallet or read a QR code
  • Paste the copied address into the column “Recipient address” where we want to transfer funds
  • After you have completed all the transfer of funds, it remains to wait until they come to the wallet on the exchange

 Withdraw funds

To withdraw funds from the exchange in the same Wallet section, opposite the currency you want to withdraw, click Withdraw:

  • We write the wallet address to which the coins will be transferred
  • Specify the number of coins to withdraw
  • Writing a code from 2fa
  • Click “Submit”


The COINUT trading platform is quite popular, as it is considered one of the most reliable cryptocurrency exchanges on the market.

We recommend the COINUT platform for cryptocurrency trading for both novice and experienced traders, as the interface is quite simple and intuitive (+ we made detailed instructions for you on conducting basic operations on the exchange), and it is also possible to choose the type of order, which is pretty good .

We remind you that it is better not to store your assets on the exchange, because no matter how secure the exchange is, there is no guarantee that it will not be hacked and your funds will not be stolen. Therefore, store your tokens in cold wallets.

But if you liked the interface of the COINUT exchange (it does not have any special functions, everything is standard), then it is better to create an account on it right now, as large trading floors often close the registration of new users.

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