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Coinsbit Cryptocurrency Exchange

Coinsbit Exchange is an innovative cryptocurrency trading ecosystem. If we put aside the traditional advertising husk, then this is a cryptocurrency exchange where we, accordingly, can trade crypto.

Today, we cannot say that Coinsbit is a scam. The project is actively developing, it is already over a year old, which means that there is no frank razvodilov here. If it were, then the platform worked for a maximum of a month. Durability is the lot of fraudulent projects. At the same time, we also cannot definitely recommend this exchange – there are negative reviews on it, and this moment cannot be ignored.

The site is large-scale, it is clear that they worked on it. This is not a cheap platform that only screams about how international and popular it is, but in fact it is a banal zilch. No, there is nothing like this.

Domain age is 496 days. Of course, enough feedback and reviews have already accumulated about this exchange. It should be noted that they are mostly positive. However, there are negative reviews, as already mentioned above.

From the network, we know that Coinsbit is an exchange with Estonian registration. At the same time, it is problematic to find legal information on the site itself. Moreover, we could not find her. Maybe it is somewhere here, but the problem is that it must be in sight. Why hide it when it comes to a legal project? A very dubious moment.

Here, too, there are certain problems. There are no tabs with contacts, there is only a FAQ. Of the contact information that was found – only online chat, a number of links to company profiles on social networks, well, and the two above electronic mailboxes. For a solid cryptocurrency exchange, this is not enough, very few.

Coinsbit Exchange is an innovative cryptocurrency platform. The main distinguishing feature of Coinsbit is its support for processing speeds of up to 10,000 transactions every second and 1,000,000 TCP connections. Here we are guaranteed absolute security. More than 95% of all currencies are stored in cold wallets. WAF (Web Application Firewall) is a web application firewall that detects and blocks hacker attacks.

The obvious advantage of this exchange is the presence of a number of services that greatly simplify the work on the platform. This, for example, current exchange rates, charts, news, descriptions, transaction history and much more.

In general, everything is simple – for a start we carefully read everything that is offered to us here, then we go through full registration, open a deposit and place an order.

By the way, some blocks of information on the site are not translated into Russian. This is typical for cheap projects, but not for the supposedly reputable exchange, which Coinsbit is trying to expose itself. We still need to work on this issue.

The very essence of trading is absolutely no different from similar cryptocurrency exchanges. If we talk about negative reviews, some users directly hint that the project administration uses not quite honest methods of work, which lead to financial losses from customers. True, these words are not supported by anything. But in any case, you need to be careful.


Coinsbit is a modern cryptocurrency exchange that is not a scam. But, at the same time, completely trusting her is also not recommended.

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