CoinMedia – bitcoin ad network

() minimum costs – maximum results is a CPM ad network. All financial transactions are conducted in Bitcoins. In CoinMedia, you can both advertise services and get customers, and earn money by adding your site to the network and unscrewing advertising.

Opportunities for advertisers:

  • Banner advertising.
  • Text ad.
  • Pop-ups.

Features for webmasters:

  • Additional income.
  • Regular payouts.
  • The minimum withdrawal is 0.004 MTC.

Large selection of criteria for setting up ads offers the opportunity to independently choose a site for advertising. The ‘Catalog’ section contains more than 5,000 resources structured according to various indicators for the advertiser’s maximum convenience. In the graph opposite each site you can see Alexa Rank, category, clicks and visits for the last two days, etc.

Also, each ad slot corresponds to a specific network – CoinMedia has as many as seven of them, from free (Free Network) to premium (VIP Network), which differ in a set of sites with different traffic. When you open an ad slot, the graph is highlighted in the corresponding color of the network to which this slot belongs.

Network Advertising – Maximum Reach

In the ‘Network ads’ section, you can launch a network advertising campaign – text or banner. The cost of placing on the network depends on the network itself – the higher quality resources are located here, the correspondingly, the more expensive is the price for 1,000 impressions. A little hint: do not immediately choose the most expensive network. Sometimes sites with lower CTR can give better results and cost much cheaper.

Pop Anders – 100% Hit on Target

Pop-underders are an effective form of advertising, which is a pop-up window that appears when you visit a site in the same tab, and the site opens in a tab next to it. Thus, your potential customer is guaranteed to see your ad. The catalog of pop-ups includes more than 1,000 resources, structured by various indicators (Alexa Rank, clicks and impressions in recent days, etc.).

Proper targeting

Targeting CoinMedia – this is an opportunity for targeted targeting. Target resources by 28 categories (Cryptocurrency, Fausets, Business, Earnings on the Internet, Investments, Health, Art, Travel, etc.), as well as by country and device.

Convenient statistics

A competent and timely analysis of the advertising campaign is already half the success. Due to the presence of detailed statistics in your account, you can monitor each movement in advertising – it’s very convenient to compare the results. It is especially important at the testing stage to identify the most profitable advertising options and get the maximum effect.

Special offer for advertisers

On you can buy an Advertising Package and run ads with profit. The cost of the Advertising Package is 0.01 BTS. After purchasing it, the advertiser is credited to the 0.0002 BTS account every day for 100 days. Thus, upon the expiration of this period, the initially spent amount of 0.01 BPS accumulates on the advertising account – double the budget. You can buy an Offer Package an unlimited number of times.

Follow earnings in your account

In the ‘My sites’ section, the webmaster sees which sites participate in the system, with which banners, as well as the number of clicks and impressions. And in the profile you can monitor the accumulation of income – each financial movement is displayed in the ‘Reports’ (‘Reports’).

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