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Coin URL – earn Bitcoin from ads on your site

Consider a project that allows you to easily start earning Bitcoin for placing advertising banners on your site. You indicate the area on the site where the banner of the Coin URL network will be displayed. When site visitors click on a banner you will receive a reward to your account in Coin URL. This is the first use of the service. The second option is advertising your own projects.

Coin URL works as follows, one of its services is shortening links. So, when someone shortens the link and the user clicks on it before going to the site indicated in the shortened URL, our advertisement will be seen within 15 seconds. Only after viewing our ad, the user will be redirected to the site. This happens without fail.

To start working with the site you must Register. To do this, click on the button ‘Create account’ in the upper right corner.

Fill in all the fields
After registration is completed, click on ‘Login’ and find ourselves in your office. Here we see that our balance is now zeros. We can filter the balance by earnings and general information. To replenish the balance, move the mouse cursor over the name of your profile in the upper right corner and select ‘+ Deposit’ in the pop-up window.
Next, we select the method of replenishing the account in the Coin URL, you can replenish it using the Peercoin and Bitcoin cryptocurrencies. In the example, I choose Bitcoin. In the window that appears, we see the Bitcoin address to which we need to transfer funds to replenish the balance. They will appear on the account after 3 transaction confirmations. If it suddenly happens that your money has not been credited, then write to the support service. I once had this. The guys corrected everything and threw free impressions.

We earn on Coin URL

Now consider the options for earning on the site. To do this, go to the tab ‘Earn money’ and get acquainted with each page.
In the WEBMASTER section, we can choose a place on the site where the advertisement will be placed, create an advertising box, and monitor clicks.
In the LINK EXCHANGE section, we see our links, which we have shortened, the number of clicks on these links, sets of your links.

Coin URL Advertising

There are two ways to advertise in Coin URLs:
1. Post a link to your site, users will see it following the shortened link from the service.
2. An advertising banner, it is a bit like a contextual advertisement.

To place ads, you need to hover over “Advertising” and select “New ad implementations” in the pop-up window.

Here we need to fill in all the fields in order.
* Title – enter the title of the ad.
* Site – a link to the advertised site.
* Advertising page – select, show a specific page or a random page from the specified URL.
* Audience targeting – here you can choose to whom we want to show the ad. Targeting is broken down by country, browser interface language, by devices on which ads will be displayed or by time period.
* Settings – choose which action will be performed after viewing the advertisement.
* Impressions – enter the desired number of impressions for your ad.
* CPM bid is the price of one impression.
* Total payable – the amount that must be on the balance sheet to pay for the selected number of views.
After filling in all the fields, click on the “Add Announcement” button. And we see that our announcement went to the review of moderators. After verification, it will be launched.

An advertising banner is placed in a similar way. We also fill in all the fields, indicate the price for one impression, and pay. Then we wait until the announcement is moderated, it usually takes up to 24 hours. And that’s it, our ad is showing and we are getting new users to our resources.

In the Info tab, you can see site statistics by country, in which country how many people click on ads, based on this, you can choose where to advertise and where not.

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