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Micro-btc Cloud Mining Service Overview

Updated: the service does not pay

Micro-BTC is a reliable cryptocurrency cloud mining service. Investors invest in the computing power of the company. This avoids the cost of creating mining farms on video cards and ASICs. Even with a small capital, the user can create a stable passive income for the duration of the mining contract.

By acquiring a cryptocurrency cloud mining package, the investor leases part of the computing power of the Micro-BTC project farm. Investors receive their first profit within a few minutes from the moment they invest.

The Micro-BTC project was created in 2015. The founders created a platform for profitable interaction with cloud miners. The project earns a fixed amount per month and is protected from the risk of fluctuations in the profitability of the enterprise, and investors get the opportunity to provide themselves with dividend income from amounts of several US dollars.

Investors buy only a fraction of the computing cloud, so the company combines them into pools to create a stable hashrate and the most effective interaction. The profitability of such mining depends on the amount of investment and the more people invested in the project, the more they will earn.

Pros of Micro-BTC

Free starting hashrate. The project provides a bonus computing power of 30 GH / S for life to everyone who signs up on the official Micro-BTC website. As you can see, profit can be made without investments. The bonus is provided for demonstration purposes and investors should not take it seriously.

Guaranteed profits. Micro-BTC company regularly pays profits from cloud mining cryptocurrencies to the payment details specified in your account.

More mining. Investors who bring friends to the project receive bonuses for attracted users in the form of a hashrate that will increase cash flow.

Lack of fees. The company does not charge investors fees. A person receives 100% profit without hidden fees.

Accepting payments in Bitcoin. Micro-BTC project accepts payment in the form of Bitcoins.

Lack of payment of electricity. There is no need for miners to pay for electricity, since the mining farm is supplied at a reduced rate, which is beneficial for both investors and the company.


The possibility of free production immediately after registration. A unique offer is provided to everyone without exception, although on holidays, for example, New Year, there may be other, more interesting promotional offers.

Production stability. Cloud mining service guarantees stable operation of the farm and the company’s website. This allows you not to lose money due to technical problems. The company employs people who monitor the condition of the equipment.

Fast input and output. Making a deposit is very simple, funds are credited instantly. Payments last from a few minutes to 24 hours, but most of the transactions (about 90%) are carried out over 5 minutes.

No account fees. Investors do not pay for electricity and components that are out of order. Also, unlike other projects, which are more likely pyramids than cloud mining services, Micro-BTC does not require a fee for access to your personal account and elite functions. There is also no monthly fee charged to cash in on investors.

 Registration process

Visit the official Micro-BTC website. It is English-language, but Google Chrome has the ability to automatically translate to other languages. Also, investors use the button at the bottom of the site ‘choose a language’, which is located under the word Language.
Now go back to the top of the page and click Register. You will open a registration form.

Enter the following data:

  1. Full name (full name);
  2. Login to enter the site;
  3. E-mail address;
  4. Confirmation of the email address (enter it again);
  5. Account Login Password;
  6. Retype your password in the box below.

Check the box next to the agreement with the terms and conditions of the company. Click Create Account.

You are immediately redirected by the system to the personal account of the company. Please note that on the left there are sections with general statistics, purchase of capacities, your hashrate, withdrawal of money, profit calculator, account settings, list of transactions, referral program, technical support and logout. We translated from English the names of each section in order from top to bottom.

As you can see, after registering, the hashrate immediately appears and in the third window you can see the time until the next profit accrual, which is very nice.

This ends the registration. We recommend that you immediately use the Profit Calculator to calculate the profitability of the free tariff, and then the paid one, if you really want to create a source of passive income.

We set the average value acquired by investors – 1,000 GH / S of computing power. By purchasing a capacity package of 1,000 GH / S, the user receives $ 1.32 daily, $ 39.72 per month or $ 476.63 per year, according to the Bitcoin exchange rate at the time of writing.

Capacity purchase

Now you can proceed to the purchase of computing power. While in your personal account, go to the Buy Hashpower section. The system redirects you to the hashrate purchase page.

There is an interesting note below: the hashrate begins to make profit for the investor within 1-10 minutes after the purchase.
So, select HashPower that matches the price of the tariff plan indicated in the third window Price ($). For example, for an investment of $ 1,000 you will have to buy 7,693 GH / S.

The larger the deposit amount, the cheaper is 1 GH / S of computing power. Click Select payment method to select a payment method.

You can buy a hashrate only for Bitcoins. Press one of the buttons. The system redirects to the payment page. Scan the QR code from your smartphone or send the exact amount indicated on the page to the specified Bitcoin wallet.

In 1-10 minutes after making a money transfer, the hashrate will start to make a profit.

 Profit withdrawal

Let’s say you made money and earned the first Bitcoins. Now you need to withdraw the profit from the account to the crypto wallet.

Click on Instant Withdraw to set the rules for paying profit. The service gives information about the need to buy a hashrate. Yes, earning without investing in bonus capacities does not work. The token withdrawal button appeared only after the purchase of a capacity package.

Micro-BTC notifies you of the fees that are charged for the payment of funds, as well as limits:

The minimum withdrawal amount is 0.005 BTC

The system fee for processing a withdrawal request is 0.0007 BTC.

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