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The higher the rate of cryptocurrencies, the more often the media acquaints the general public with a promising area for investment and the more people join the virtual trend. Of course, users want to become owners of cryptocurrencies, so they buy coins on exchanges and participate in mining.

Unfortunately, due to the growing complexity, solo computing is a thing of the past. Classical production at an average cost of 1 farm of 200 thousand rubles, even without associated costs, is not a cheap pleasure. Not every newcomer has an initial amount for working in a pool and machine maintenance skills.

But, demand creates supply, so the Cloud Mining service (abbreviated as OM) is developing – renting capacity from owners of large farms. For 2017-2018 OM has become a popular way due to the low entry threshold and profitability from 50-100% to 300-400%. ROI to a large extent depends on the policies of companies in the struggle for customers.

The site server is located in the data center of Cloudflare USA. The names of the owners of the Ikyu Mining organization are not mentioned. Upon entering the cloud mining website, users are greeted by a review of Iq Mining com in the format of a welcome video, where the organization’s engineer is taken as the host. A room with equipment is demonstrated, on each miner there is an IqMining logo.

Branding, in addition to equipment, is applied to the shelving and uniforms of employees. From the information of the official website of IqMining com it follows that more than 16 thousand farms with a total capacity of almost 9.5 thousand MH / s are involved in the production of cryptocurrencies. The company’s capacities are regularly growing, the number of machines added recently has been displayed in the bottom menu of the website.

According to the schematic map, AikyuMining equipment is installed in partner data centers in Russia, Georgia, Iceland, Algeria and China. The exact location is not disclosed, but such secrecy is inherent in most crypto industries.

Official site IQmining com

The site works in 4 languages, including Russian. Focusing on the resource is very simple, as well as managing the purchase and distribution of investments. It is proposed to mine cryptocurrencies using the Scrypt and SHA-256, Ethereum and Zcash algorithms.

Before starting work, you need to register, indicating: name and surname, mobile phone number, email. After that, you will have to think up and enter a password with confirmation in the registration form. After that, access to the LC will open. There are 2 tabs on the Account page:

  • Security – here you can change the password.
  • Personal data where the verification form is located.

By default, verification is not required, but will be required if administrators request it. Then you will need to send a copy of your passport and sign an agreement. Verification takes 1-2 days. The support service works around the clock, customers can write using the site form, a live chat window or contact by phone: in Russia + 7-499-677-68-19 and in the UK + 44-1224-459763.

It should be noted that not all web companies, even more open ones, provide telephones for communication. Large AikyuMining investors have the opportunity to personally communicate with administrators, ask questions, make sure of competence and get additional guarantees.

 IQ Mining Profitability

Cloud mining Iq Mining enables the extraction of five cryptocurrencies – Ethereum and Litecoin, Zcash, Monero and Dash. The indicators MH / s, GH / s, KH / s are related to the computing power of the leased equipment and the type of farm. The higher the client’s hash rate, the higher the profit, which, in addition to the rental amount, depends on:

  • Complexity of the algorithm, this factor grows with time;
  • Exchange rate – the higher the rate, the more expensive the coins are;
  • Using the reinvestment function, mined coins are invested in new capacities;
  • Iq mining uniqueness blockchain used to extract assets;
  • System of bonuses, privileges and discounts of the cloud mining company.

Depending on the amount of the deposit, the tariff is automatically included. All contracts are concluded for a period of 1 year, daily service deductions are valid for cryptocurrency calculations on the Script and SHA-256. The latest iq mining profitability reviews are as follows:

  • SCRYPT – 100 Mh / s, which will bring 0.11 dollars per day and about 400 per year;
  • SHA-256 – 1000 Gh / s, providing $ 0.6 per day and about 210 per year;
  • ETHEREUM – 10,000 Kh / s, giving approximately 0.35 dollars per day and 140 per year;
  • ZCASH – 100 H / s, with a return of 0.23 dollars per day and 85 per year.

If you use the iq mining calculator and calculate the contract purchase at the most popular Silver tariff, you will get a payback for the 2nd quarter of 2018: SCRYPT for about a year, SHA-256 for 11 months, ETHEREUM for about 15 months and ZCASH for two years. In the forecast for Iq Mining profitability in 2018, it should be taken into account that the results of cooperation depend on the cryptocurrency rate, the use of reinvestments and discounts when renting equipment.

 Is IQ mining a scam or not

There are few reviews about the company on the Web, there are users who always and in all doubt. Such people do not ask whether Iq Mining is a divorce or not, because they consider any cloud computing and investment in cryptocurrencies in general to be a fiction and a failure.

But there are no complaints about non-payments or delays in withdrawal either in the Russian-speaking online space or in the foreign one. Users are satisfied with both tariffs and the ability to control the distribution of hashes between the algorithms, as well as the minimum limits for output.

Service Features

IqMining specializes in the production of several altcoins with the highest profitability, giving users the right to manage profitability. The user can change the purpose of the contract by switching from one type of coin to mining another. The entire amount is converted into Bitcoin and credited to the investor’s account.

According to the terms of the affiliate program, when you purchase contracts by referrals, both the partner and his referral receive remuneration. That is, a mandatory bonus is accrued to customers if you apply the iq mining promotional code when replenishing the balance. There is a separate 10% discount when depositing funds with a voucher. There is no monthly fee for using the service itself.


  • High yield
  • Low fees
  • Favorable rates.


No profitability calculator
New project (conditional minus).


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