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Cryptonoras – a promising platform for cloud mining

The service has a very simple interface, so the lack of Russian-language localization does not affect usability. All options are intuitive.

On the site you can mine 4 cryptocurrencies:

  • Bitcoin
  • Litecoin
  • Bitcoin Cash
  • Dash

Tariff plans are paid in the crypt that you are going to mine. The minimum deposit amount is 0.01 coin (any supported). The output is set to the same minimum frame.

To make it clearer at prices:

  • The first tariff plan can only be bought for Bitcoins and Bitcoin Cash (respectively, you can only mine these assets);
  • The rest of the contracts are bought for one of the 4 supported cryptocurrencies (what you are going to mine, so pay).

    The main disadvantage of the site is that it will not allow you to earn money alone. As can be seen in the table, the net profit is always below 100%. In other words, the costs for the year do not beat off. And all because the site literally makes you attract referrals. Only by bringing new miners, you can go in for a plus. A very alarming principle of the service, but so far there have been no complaints about the lack of payments.


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