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Overview of the young advertising network

The young advertising network launched its services in early 2019 and immediately gained popularity among site owners, marketers and webmasters. Actively started working after the January holidays. The developers of this software had experience with similar projects, for example, with the notorious DugVap, which has a stable payment.

When you go to the site, you can often see a pop-up window in the text of which contains a proposal to subscribe to notifications. This window is called Push Subscription.
The advertising network operator offers to earn on push notifications and subscriptions. If a site visitor switches to advertising, then the owner ‘drops a penny.’ Salaries on Clickstar are starting at $ 10 per 1000 clicks. Webmasters have 3 ways of advertising: Web Push, Rich Push, Mobile Push.

Service Features

The site owner can control the number of push notifications that pop up on his site. If you trust Klikstar, then by default he will put 5 pop-ups per day. Despite the short term, a large revenue from the site can be withdrawn after only 3 weeks.

A big plus for arbitrators. Arbitrators can redeem push subscriptions and sell them on other services. Subscription pricing depends on geographic location. Prices can be found in your personal account. Redemption occurs after contacting feedback.

To start using the service, you need to install a special JS code on your website, after which push windows with text will appear on it. Ads with pictures pop up less often. After entering, users view ads. In case of transition, the owner receives additional profit.

Traffic is delivered from 230 countries, advertising can be any, but there is no special “tin” for the entire time of using Clickstar. It is important to notice one feature of the service that you rarely see on such sites. Developers increase profit by 50% after the first payout for the first week.

 What advertisement is displayed in the window

The list of offers in ClickStar is simply huge. Webmasters immediately ask the question: “Will blocking the site in search engines be applied?”. None of the major search engines prohibit monetizing sites using push notifications and newsletters, so using the Clickstar site owners will not have difficulty blocking.

List of topics that fall into advertising:

  • Cosmetic products and products.
  • World and local news.
  • Game information resources.
  • Sites with adult video content.
  • Travel agencies and special offers.
  • Buying a property.
  • Selling home goods.
  • Furniture and kitchen stores.

It should be noted that webmasters cannot control traffic coming from the advertising network. Therefore, you have to demonstrate what Clickstar wants. All traffic is filtered and no obscenities will be shown.

How to connect to ClickStar

In order to connect to the ad network you must:

  1. Register on the website.
  2. After the registration procedure, you must enter your personal account and go to the ‘sites’ section and click the ‘Add Site’ button.
  3. All fields are required. You can also notice a wide field of ‘commentary’. All sites are moderated, so the webmaster can leave a comment, thereby affecting the duration of the scan. Also, to speed up the verification, it is recommended to enter the tags of your site. Clickstar has a valid number of tags: society, animals, politics, erotica. If there are no suitable tags, it is recommended to write “other”.
  4. After the verification procedure, the site will be in statistics.


As the site administration assures, payment requests are processed every day. Sometimes there are slight delays, but basically everything comes in 24 hours. Payments may be delayed in connection with the sale of traffic to arbitrators.

 Pros and Cons of Using

Like any ad network, Clickstar has its advantages and disadvantages. The benefits include:

  • Payments within 24 hours after application.
  • A premium of 50% for the first withdrawal of the week.
  • A large amount of traffic that can be redeemed.
  • The minimum amount of traffic redemption for arbitrageurs is 20,000 subscriptions;
  • Payment is not only for the transition, but also for the display of advertising.
  • Domain parking allows you to bypass programs that block ads (Adblock, etc.).

Disadvantages of the ad network:

  • Advertised traffic may contain adult content. Yes, the webmaster will receive profit from the show, but he may lose the audience of his site.
  • The display is only 5-8 notifications per day.
  • To earn really big money it is necessary that the site has been connected to the program for more than 3 weeks.


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