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Clickadu – ad network, review, reviews, rating

Clickadu com  An international advertising network that began operations in 2015. Initially, Clickadu dealt exclusively with clicker and popander formats. But over time, the list of advertising formats has expanded significantly. At the moment, in addition to the clicker, the network has push notifications, video ads, banners and the Skim advertising format.

Today, the network provides more than 250 million ad impressions every day in 240 countries. High-quality traffic is provided by 4,500 webmasters with their own sites of various topics.

More than 5,000 advertisers are working with Clickadu on an ongoing basis. The network works equally well with both mobile and desktop ad formats. There are different payment models CPM, CPA and CPL.

There are many targeting options for fine-tuning advertising campaigns on the platform. You can choose the geography, the operating system and its version, the browser and its language, mobile operators and the type of network connection. It is possible to set a time schedule for displaying ads, as well as adjust black and white lists. Statistics will show the progress of the advertising campaign in real time.

The network has a fraud protection system that successfully filters bots. As a result, the advertiser receives pure live traffic. The minimum amount to replenish the balance is 100 US dollars.

Webmasters can earn with Clickadu on the CPM model. This network is attractive in that it allows you to monetize 100% of the traffic. CPM rates vary depending on geography, platforms, and other traffic characteristics, but overall show higher returns than other networks. Top partners providing a large amount of quality traffic can count on higher rates. Each webmaster network provides a personal manager.

Payments to partners are made twice a month. For withdrawal, you need to have a minimum amount of 10 US dollars on the balance sheet.

How to replenish

The account can be replenished through PayPal, WebMoney, ePayments, Credit Card, CommerceGate. Most of them are automatic, which means the balance is replenished instantly. Only wire replenishment can take up to 3 days. In addition, the guys recommend adding the name of the account in the comments to the payment.

How to monetize your website

You can add or verify your site in the “Sites and Zones” tab. Second step: you need to confirm ownership. To do this, you will receive an identifier code, then copy it into the paste into the site template.

To monetize your resource, you need to place an affiliate code on the main page of the site. Plus, by additionally placing a referral link, you will receive up to 5% of the income of publishers who have registered using your link.

Ad Network Rules

Well, do not forget about the rules. It is forbidden to add or advertise resources:

  • Containing racial discrimination;
  • Hacking programs;
  • Spyware
  • Cruel treatment of people, animals, etc .;
  • Sites for adults with models that are not 18 years old.

As you can see, there are not too many restrictions, and there are places to deploy to the web, which they do not let through on more rigid grids.

To summarize

In general, Clickadu is an excellent solution for promotion in any subject. Here, SmartCPA technology, advanced targeting, and a large selection of advertising formats and verticals. The company is developing, launching new features and increasing traffic volumes, which is good news.

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