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ClickAdilla Ad Network Overview

The ClickAdilla ad network offers you quality traffic at a low price. Thanks to detailed targeting settings and a smart analytics system, you get targeted traffic, and the cost of the bid (bid) remains at an acceptable level.  It started in 2017 and at the time of writing the review provides over 300 million total impressions per day.

The thematic composition of the network is adult sites, with the possibility of dividing into adult and mainstream categories.

Supported ad formats:

– banners (including for mobile devices);
– teaser blocks (Native Ads);
– Popunders;
– prerolls on video slots;
– and WebPush notifications.

All these formats work on the same payment model – CPM (per 1000 impressions).

The minimum CPM level is only $ 0.01.

The actual cost of traffic depends on the format of advertising and the targeting settings used.

The subscription base for WebPush notifications is over 70 million users. The minimum CPM for PUSH notifications is the same as for other advertising options – $ 0.01.

Separately, we note that in Clickadilla, unlike other advertising services, when developing PUSH notifications, adult landings are allowed. Considering that the standard “breaking through” pre-branding of the type “18+ Yes No” is approximately 50-60%, this is a big plus for those who work with dating offers.

In addition, Clickadilla supports DSP traffic exchange technology, which guarantees stable impressions for any advertising campaign budgets.

As a key advantage of Clickadilla, we note a powerful targeting system that allows you to manage more than 10 filtering options and the ability to customize the hourly delivery schedule.

There is a referral program that allows you to earn on attracting new users. According to its rules, the referrer receives 5% of all referral expenses without limitation on the terms of the partnership agreement.

How to buy traffic in Clickadilla service

The general sequence for creating an advertising campaign in Clickadilla is as follows:
– Landings are first connected and creatives are added;
– then the campaign is set up, which, after saving, is immediately transferred to moderation.

Both the landing page and each of the creatives are tested.

To illustrate the general principle of work, consider the creation of a WebPush campaign.

The main sections of the menu (Campaign, Banners, Landings, Web-Pushes) have a typical structure: in the section ‘List’ is the main table of the section, and in the section ‘Create’ creates and configures a new element.

Accordingly, to add creative, you need to switch to the ‘WebPushes-Create’ section.

After saving the initial settings, a new entry will appear in the ‘List’ table.
You can test the creative directly from this table or on the page with detailed data, the transition to which is carried out by clicking on the name of the creative.
Ads for other ad formats are created in the same order.
The next step – setting up a campaign – is done in the ‘Campaign-Create’ section and consists of several stages.
We recommend that you execute them in the same sequence as the tabs for the section’s working area:
– choice of advertising and creative format;

– setting up geographic and technical targeting;
– The choice of the mode of impressions (throughout the network or for selected sites);
– Installation of the initial CPM;
– Definition of limits and hourly schedule of impressions.

All created campaigns are displayed in the Campaigns-List section table. There is also information about the moderation status and a manual start button.

If the balance is not zero, the campaign can also be launched automatically if the corresponding option has been set on the General tab.

During the development of the ROK, we recommend that you pay attention that the data on the CPM range and the amount of available traffic displayed in the right sidebar of the page become relevant only after targeting.


Clickadilla replenishes the balance and displays affiliate income in dollars (USD).

You can deposit funds in several ways:
– through EPS Paxum (preferred option);
– direct transfer through Wire Transfer;
– from ePayments or PayPal wallet;
– in cryptocurrency (Bitcoin);
– and with bank cards.

The minimum deposit amount is $ 50.

Please note that the account should be replenished only through the personal account of the client. With a direct transfer of details, the amount will be credited much later.

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