City build trade Project Information


City build trade Project Information

City build trade – an investment project that gives you the opportunity to earn up to 2% in 7 days. The project started more than 5 years ago, but for a long time it was practically not advertised anywhere. Only recently, investors began to learn about the existence of this platform from hype blogs and financial forums. The project pays steadily and without complaints (at the time of writing this review). Is it worth investing in City build trade? Let’s talk about this later in the review.

You can get acquainted with the site on the official website of City build trade using this link – According to the information indicated on the official Internet resource of the organization, it is one of the leaders in the construction industry. According to the administration, this construction company has completed 9 international and dozens of local construction projects.

Although the site City build trade (its appearance) leaves much to be desired. If you are a beginner in the field of investment projects of such a plan, then this at first glance may seem difficult to understand. But you just need to spend a little more time and then everything will immediately become clear. Obviously, the administration does not seek huge popularity or attracting a large flow of investors. Otherwise, they would have long been engaged in rebranding and mass purchase of advertising.

Marketing plan City build trade

City build trade offers investors only one investment plan: 102% in 7 calendar days. This is approximately 8% of net income per month and 104% of net profit for the year. These are far from the most attractive investment conditions that you could ever see. However, the project has one big advantage – albeit not a large percentage, but the company has been paying them for more than 5 years, which, in my opinion, is excellent for those who learned about the existence of this platform at the time of its launch.

 Marketing feature

  • In City build trade, you can create an unlimited number of deposits according to the proposed investment plan for various amounts.
  • The invested amount is returned with the income to the client’s account after 7 days. There is no limit on the number of deposits.
  • Minimum amount to create a deposit: 1 dollar.
  • To replenish the withdrawal of earnings, City Build Trade uses 2 payment systems: Payeer and Perfect Money.
  • Minimum amount for depositing funds: 1 dollar.
  • There is no commission for withdrawing money.

Affiliate program City build trade provides for payments in the amount of 1% of attracted investments. In the investor’s office there is access to statistics on the referral program: the total number of partners, active partners and the amount earned from attracting investments. Also, for the convenience of advertising campaigns, the user has access to several advertising links.

 Advantages and disadvantages of City build trade

Project advantages

  • The life of the City build trade is the very first plus of the site. During this time, the company has built up a good reputation and customer trust.
  • Only one investment plan is available to the investor, but at the same time with a democratic threshold of minimum entry of only 1 dollar and a investment term of only 7 calendar days, after which you can either reinvest or withdraw the “body” of the deposit and interest on your own account Discretion.

Cons of the project

  • Of the minuses of the City build trade, manual payments can be noted, but unlike most financial pyramids, this project has a clear payment schedule – 12 working hours,
  • The disadvantages include the project site: simple and modest, sometimes incomprehensible. But at the same time, it has everything that an investor needs.
  •  There is no public statistics of the project, and of the available methods of communication with the administration – only an email address.

There is no public statistics of the project, and of the available methods of communication with the administration – only an email address.

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