Cheap cryptocurrencies – is it worth it to buy


Cheap cryptocurrencies – is it worth it to buy

Nowadays, it is difficult to find those who have not heard anything about Bitcoin.
This cryptocurrency has skyrocketed and at the moment, many want to possess at least part of what the market offers.
However, few have heard that there are other cryptocurrencies besides Bitcoin and Ethereum.
This article talks about the most promising and well-known coins in the low-cost segment.
Before you begin, let’s go through the terminology.
Perhaps readers already have some idea of ​​low-cost cryptocurrencies, but it is necessary to decide that it is one and the same thing.

So what are low-cost cryptocurrencies? Already from the name it is clear that we are talking about crypto assets, the cost of which per unit is less than $ 1.
As you can already guess, most cryptocurrencies are currently classified as inexpensive.
Despite the fact that such cryptocurrencies are often discussed in various articles and forums, rarely does anyone pay attention to why a particular coin has such a cost.
For many, it has become customary to see Bitcoin as the leading cryptocurrency, and Lightcoin and Ethereum will follow Bitcoin. But why so?

In fact, bitcoin is a unique case. Of course, one can argue that the value of this cryptocurrency is determined by the fact that it is the first decentralized coin in the world.

However, there are other important factors that you should pay attention to.

Bitcoin has reached a point where the coin’s reputation and reliability speak for themselves. He became the main cryptocurrency.

If you pay attention to the name of all other coins, they are called altcoins in contrast to bitcoin.

Moreover, it was thanks to Bitcoin that the world learned about the technology itself. Since people practically did not pay attention to cryptocurrencies before bitcoin.

And suddenly there are large companies striving to provide their customers with services related to cryptography.

However, it is important to remember that bitcoin is a unique tool. Most other coins have certain reasons for their current value.

These reasons are not always easy to understand, especially when it comes to cryptocurrencies of this type. However, there are certain methods for classifying cryptocurrencies according to a number of criteria.

 Categories of low-cost cryptocurrencies

Given the fact that there are different types of classification of low-cost cryptocurrencies, we will use the most understandable method.

There are three categories in cryptocurrencies.

  • New ones;
  • Stagnant;
  • Falling.

They include all the most popular inexpensive coins.

New cryptocurrencies

Before the release of a particular cryptocurrency, a massive advertising campaign around the ICO is usually carried out through various marketing channels.

However, the main question here is how useful the cryptocurrency will be.

The price of a new coin very much depends on success in the framework of the initial offer of the coin and, of course, greatly depends on the possibility of implementation in the future.

Most new cryptocurrencies start at a low market price. Accordingly, they belong to the category of low-cost cryptocurrencies.
But if at the same time, the coin represents relative utility, its value will certainly begin to grow almost immediately after issue.

What needs to be done in order to make a profitable purchase of one of these coins? First of all, it is necessary to conduct an in-depth study of all the coins that have appeared recently.
It is also important to read the whitepaper of the project, read the news and reason logically how much this coin can be claimed and whether it will be used in the future.
If a coin can really be useful, then it makes sense to invest in it.
It is also important to remember that the price of a new cryptocurrency can remain low for a long time even after the initial offer, and even though the project may seem really promising.

This usually happens when other traders or investors simply did not have time to pay attention to this cryptocurrency.
However, later, when people begin to pay attention to the coin, its value can begin to rise sharply, as an increasing number of traders will be able to appreciate its advantage.

Stagnant Cryptocurrencies

Another type of cryptocurrency that you can meet in the process of studying this sphere is the so-called stagnant ones.
Thus, coins have been presented on the market for some time, but their price remains in place without significant changes.

This situation can occur for various reasons. It all depends on how deep analysis you are going to conduct.
In some cases, intervention by the project team is possible.
Sometimes the absence of serious fluctuations indicates a loss of interest (at least temporarily) in the project and its coin.
Moreover, it is important to understand that the absence of serious market movements on a particular coin can be both a good and a bad sign.
On the one hand, a trader or investor may rejoice that the price of a coin does not fall.
This may mean that cryptocurrency is still in price and interest is shown in it.

On the other hand, stagnation of cryptocurrency may mean that developers are gradually leaving the project and do not plan further development or development of the network on the basis of which the cryptocurrency is created.

This leads to a gradual loss of interest on the part of users, which, in turn, is expressed in the stagnation of cryptocurrency. If you find such cryptocurrencies in any online listings, it is always important to read news on the project. This will help to identify truly promising projects.

Falling Cryptocurrencies

As of the end of 2017-beginning of 2018, everything in this category has become much more complicated. On the one hand, everything is clear, if the price of cryptocurrency falls, most likely, the coin is already unpromising.

But in practice, this is not always the case. In December 2017, the cryptocurrency market began to decline, and this applied to all coins, without exception.

Until that moment, starting in the summer of that year, cryptocurrencies grew in value. For example, the same bitcoin overcame the mark of $ 20,000 per unit.

After the price growth stopped and the trend changed, in January 2018 there was a significant drop in prices.
Almost every cryptocurrency has experienced significant deflation in both price and market value.

This does not allow us to say that if the cryptocurrency falls in price, this means that the project is being closed or it has serious problems.

At the same time, the market is gradually stabilizing, and experts predict its possible recovery. Therefore, it is recommended to just wait and watch.
As for investing in low-cost cryptocurrencies, everything has become even more complicated here. It is necessary to conduct a thorough analysis before buying a particular coin.

Therefore, just to get acquainted with the list of cryptocurrencies is not enough. It is necessary to carefully study the project and predict when the price may stop dropping.
This will be needed to determine the best investment time.
Naturally, there are many other types of cryptocurrencies that can fall into different categories (tokens, coins with a rising price, and so on).

However, these three categories include the main types of low-cost cryptocurrencies that traders can find in the trading process.
Now consider a few cryptocurrencies that may be of interest to invest.

Ripple (XRP)

Of all the cryptocurrencies presented in this article, Ripple is perhaps the most famous and popular.
And although Ripple is a company that has developed its own project, the corresponding coin is also found under this name. And we will stick to the same name in the article for clarity.

Ripple stands out from the bulk of cryptocurrencies, as it is a centralized project. Moreover, the coin has seriously grown. At its peak, XRP was able to reach the second position in terms of capitalization and the coin was even called the “Bitcoin killer”.
Even though this has not yet happened, Riple regularly appears in the top by capitalization, second only to Bitcoin and Ethereum.
There are several reasons why people love ripple.
These include speed (when compared with the Bitcoin network), coin burning, the duration of the project, the team behind the development, development mobility, the fact that Ripple is recognized by many banks and governments in the world.
Ripple is considered as one of the best cryptocurrencies for investing for those who are taking their first steps in this direction.
On most low-cost cryptocurrency listings, Ripple is one of the most popular coins.

Cardano (ADA)

Cardano is a very ambitious project that brought together all recognized and well-known specialists in the field of cryptocurrencies from around the world.

The main goal of Cardano is to create a blockchain with the ability to scale, a higher transaction speed and a revolutionary approach to the operation of cryptocurrencies in general.

Despite the fact that Cardano (ADA) is the least discussed project on the market, it is still considered by experts and crypto enthusiasts as one of the most promising projects in this area.
The system has a Proof-of-Stake algorithm. This means that cryptocurrency mining is impossible.
Instead, users can hold a certain number of coins and verify transactions that are carried out by other cryptocurrency holders within the Cardano network.
Depending on the number of coins the investor holds, the share that he receives from staking is calculated.
Cardano has a lot of prospects and this cryptocurrency appears on almost all lists that offer recommended coins.

Qlink (QLC)

This project has its own specifics and is still included in this list. It is the world’s first decentralized mobile network.

Platform developers see their goal as replacing old mobile networks with new ones, with a focus on peer-to-peer.
One way to get QLC tokens is to distribute WiFi to other network participants in order to use the system last.
The company also offers a decentralized SMS short message exchange system based on its platform – if the user has a stock of unspent SMS, they can be sold to other users for additional income.

Qlink is unique in its kind, and in the process, it encountered a large number of problems that had a negative impact on the success of the project as a whole.

It is worth noting that at present there are certain difficulties. However, developers are gradually moving forward and painstaking work is constantly ongoing on the project.
At the same time, the cryptocurrency looks really very promising given the fact that the service is really very useful and users around the world are interested in its implementation.
If you are considering an investment opportunity, try giving a chance to the Qlink project.


There are many reasons why people tend to find the best low-cost cryptocurrency.
Some are interested in the growth of individual cryptocoins as they are early adopters of projects.
Others do not have enough funds to invest in more expensive cryptocurrencies.
Accordingly, they see such projects as an opportunity to start investing.
Regardless of motivation, it is obvious that most traders and investors are considering investing in this market, which has growth prospects.
If you are considering a particular low-cost cryptocurrency, do not forget that there is a fairly high volatility in this industry.
The fact is that prices can change at any time, and for no apparent reason.
You can minimize the risks of such surprises by conducting your own analysis and a deeper study of the project. But this is unlikely to change the result.
We hope that this review of low-cost currencies and categories will be useful and you can apply this knowledge in search of the best low-cost cryptocurrency for you.
However, it is important to remember that investment is a risky venture. It is recommended to consult with professionals before investing in cryptocurrencies.

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