– Gaming fast with a yield of 5-20% net for 23-33 hours!


chance-profit - Game fast with a yield of 5-20% net for 23-33 hours!

888 - Gaming fast with a yield of 5-20% net for 23-33 hours!

  • Category: mlm games;

  • Topic on the forums: mmgp;

  • Technical Analysis:

  • True Upline: Newhyip;

  • Recommended investment plan (s): how lucky;

  • Recommended deposit amount: up to 10% of your bank

  • An example of refs: with a deposit of $ 20: $ 1 for the first deposit and $ 1 for the second.

Brief project description …

Tariffs Those. part Details Refback on the project

Start June 17, 2018

Project Legend:

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Chance-profit is an automatic investment program available for absolutely everyone. A completely passive income platform with a high profitable percentage. We offer our participants high security, fair service, which may be available even for beginners in the field of investment.

How to start?

  • registration
    Click on the “REGISTRATION” button and fill in the required fields. After registration you will have your own account

  • Making a deposit
    In your personal account, click on the “OPEN DEPOSIT” button, indicate the amount of your deposit and follow the instructions

  • Investment
    During working off from you no action is required. The deposit term and profit will be assigned by the system on your own.

  • Profit
    After working out the deposit, the body of your deposit is automatically credited to your account, you can withdraw or reinvest from the balance, and the profit goes automatically to the wallet


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    Random percentage from 5% to 20% in 23-33 hours

    Profit: 5% to 20%

    Profit accrual: at the end of the term
    Minimum Deposit: 10 $
    Maximum deposit: $ 20
    Investment period: from 23 to 33 hours
    Refund of deposit: yes

    Technical part:

    • 1 year domain (registered May 13, 2018);

    • Server – IP;

    • DDOS protection – DDoS-GUARD;

    • License script – H-script;
    • Domain Registrar – NameCheap;

    • SSL certificate – Comodo for a period of 1 year;

    • Unique design

    • Original content

    Advertising company: a list of forums and monitors is available here;

    Turnover at


    • Language versions: English;

    • Accepted EPS: Perfect Money (U17708407 (Chance Profit), verified, country Russia), Payeer, AdvCash;

    • Type of payments: percentage of profit and referral – automatically, the body of the deposit, upon request from the account – instant (instantly);

    • Commission for withdrawal of funds: no;

    • Minimum deposit amount: 10 $;

    • Minimum withdrawal amount: $ 0.1

    • Affiliate program: 5% of deposits of invited investors;

    • Contacts: feedback form, email, telegram;

    • Social networks and groups: telegram channel;

    Refback on the project: send the data either through the refs order form – the “Ref.Back” button in the upper right corner of the site, or contact rakovtsi.vladimir with your skype account. After receiving the refs, leave your feedback on the MMGP forum using the blog topic link to mmgp. ru, if you do not leave feedback for a long time, you may be denied RCB payment on subsequent orders.

    1st deposit

    % RCB of deposit
    % RCB of deposit

    $ 10- more

    Refs go automatically, you do not need to order anything!

    Lucky RCB is an extra offer for referrals, when adding new projects we will install this type of refback on an ongoing basis, it is important: Lucky RCB is limited for each project;

    Link to

    Our contribution:

    Jun 19, 10:58
    SCI Internal Transaction

    Transaction ID:
    (email protected)
    -20.00 USD
    No commission
    20.00 USD

    Invoice # 5912, Newhyip

    Thank you for reading the overview of the short-term investment project We will be glad to receive your feedback on the project, direct comments regarding the review and reports on received payments on the project.

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