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Banner-468-1 CCC8 FUND ( - Abstracts from the admin and insurance in 500 usd!
1006 CCC8 FUND ( - Abstracts from the admin and insurance at 500 usd!I welcome, in this article we will reflect the theses, we can also call this a “mini interview” from the project administrator, in which the main message is to give our portal unlimited insurance in the amount of 500 usd, I’ll be frank: you could see the text on other resources, to I didn’t particularly touch him in terms of editing, as for me the main points were disclosed succinctly and in the case, after reading, read the direct review and join our team!

1) Hello, we have an interesting guest today, please introduce yourself.

– Greetings to all, I am one of the project administrators; I will not disclose any personal data for obvious reasons, nor will I call past projects, some of them, by the way, are well known to many, but decided not to disclose them anymore due to the fact that even though the project makes a decent profit, there are always more lost , costs of the profession.

2) Your site has officially been working for more than 270 days, this is a long time, tell us about your project in more detail.

-The project was planned for a very long time, we are not one of those administrators who do 10 projects a year and put this business on stream. Each of our projects has a well-designed design and original content. We project each project for a very long time and compose it directly as a work of art. I’m not afraid of the word, and we are very offended when they criticize us in the forums =), because the work has been done every time and there is no desire to close the project quickly. Just imagine, you are doing a project for a year, and then 10 days of work and in the "problematic" ones, this is at least silly.

3) I would like to know more about your team, how many people, whether you know them personally, who they are and where they came from.

People on the team. Hmm … There are three of us, plus several full-time designers, layout designers, people who are responsible for the security and smooth operation of the site, and others. They are paid specifically for the work done and we are not familiar with them personally.

4) What is your experience in the field of investment projects?

-A huge experience, probably 7 years, maybe 8. But over the years so much has happened that I think to write a book that will be published after my death (smiles). If we take precisely the experience of project management, then we definitely released 10 projects into the network.

5) What did you do before you joined the project administration?

-In fact, we have always dealt with HYIP issues. There was traffic arbitrage, and SEO optimization, and the construction of structures in MLM companies, and the web development of any startups. But it’s hard to work in a foreign field by the rules of others, when you see that you can create your own “Game” and much more advanced. What we do. We consider ourselves, no matter how loud it may sound, top administrators who do not kill the market, but keep it afloat, letting people earn money and not leave themselves offended, unlike vagrant "comrades" who close projects without having worked and 1 circle on the investment plan. ccc8_1 CCC8 FUND ( - Abstracts from the admin and insurance at 500 usd! "width =" 800 "height =" 313

6) What are your thoughts on the current situation in the Internet investment market?

– Despite the obvious crisis, if you go deeper, the market is developing, there are more and more Internet users, there are more and more electronic payments in the world, more and more advertising sites, this gives new opportunities for earning. If you develop together with the world around you, you see new opportunities, if the world develops faster than you, you say "It used to be better."

7) The status of Silver (silver) was assigned to your topic at the MMGP forum, does this have any meaning for you?

– It is always nice to achieve some high standards, but success is not measured in this, therefore we will try to continue to please the stable payments of our dear investors for the longest possible time, and in this regard we have a strategy and a plan worked out by experience.ccc8_2 CCC8 FUND ( - Abstracts from the admin and insurance at 500 usd! "width =" 888 "height =" 687

8) What do you like to do in your free time?

– Personally, I always have in my head thoughts on how to make the next project better than the previous one, I have ideas as a child and then bring them to life with my partner. Maybe I'm a fanatic? (laughs) In general, we are all ordinary people with families and standard domestic problems.

9) Why is it a hype industry, and not for example a traditional business?

Everyone should do their own thing, I don’t feel that I can do something in a traditional business, but I know that I can become a legend in the world of Internet investments =).

10) How do you feel about creating a project and how much time does it take?

-Depends on the inspiration and time taken to bring our ideas to life, usually while designers are drawing and layout designers are typesetting, we have 10 new ideas and they have to redo everything, which takes a lot of time. And so until everyone is happy with everything. Personally, I think the creation of investment projects is a creative work. Again he answered, somehow blurry =) As a result, with our requests and approach, while we are all “polishing” – it takes about 3 to 4 months, and more happened due to constant improvements. Not ready "ship" in swimming is not allowed.ccc8_3 CCC8 FUND ( - Abstracts from the admin and insurance at 500 usd! "width =" 1225 "height =" 830

11) You said earlier that before you had successful projects, what do you think, thanks to which they achieved success?

-You know, there have been different cases. Once we invested $ 200 in advertising, and from the first day $ 30-50 thousand began to enter the project, we just watched and could not do anything about it. This was at a time when Bitcoin was worth $ 1000-1200. So I would single out 2 components of success, this is getting into the industry trend and high-quality work in terms of visualization, convenience and technical component. Well, luck also plays an important role here. But, now the project term has been added to this, do you want to collect a large project cash desk? Work at least 6 months in active mode. In this project, our active phase lasts only 13 days, you will see a lot of interesting things ahead, which no one has yet done before us.

12) When creating a project, where do you get ideas and inspiration from?

-Universe inside us =). There is motivation and love for this matter. A correlation was noticed, the more you put yourself into the project, the better it goes to the masses. As I said above, we do not stamp projects, we carry and embody our ideas.

13) Having income from project administration, where do you store and how to diversify funds?

-Something in real estate, the topic is not the most profitable, but stable, something in the bank cells, but mainly cryptocurrency. Ehhh, our stocks in connection with the bear-bear market have sank well …

14) How do you feel about cryptocurrency and what are your thoughts on the future of bitcoin?

– The future is for cryptocurrency, in particular, for her father, Bitcoin. Remember my words when you see him in a couple of years at $ 30-50 thousand apiece. In general, if you are far from this topic you have altcoins, sell them at the first pump and buy Bitcoin, Lightcoin or Binance Coin (BNB), behind whom is already the top-selling product. Everything else is slag and garbage, all the more so based on statistics that 90% of viola scams do not carry any actual developments, that is, in the future they are doomed to failure. Perhaps you are the one who manages to earn money on manipulations. However, do not forget about the majority of those who heard a lot of beautiful singing about violas and bought them at the moment when everyone bought them, now they have reduced their crypto portfolio by 3 times relative to the cue ball.ccc8_4 CCC8 FUND ( - Abstracts from the admin and insurance at 500 usd! "width =" 620 "height =" 320

15) How do you come up with names for your projects?

-Go to Godaddy and improvise =).

16) Returning to, how are you doing? What are the further plans for the development of the campaign and innovations?

-Success? Well, if we consider that we did not need large inflows of investments at the start of work, then success is what we need. A lot of plans. One of the main ones is the development of the site, this platform will be open only to active customers (whose team turnover exceeds $ 10,000). It is so important to pay attention not only to investors, but also to those who actively advertise A person who has fulfilled this condition (team overcoming the bar at $ 10,000) will get access to the platform, where he will become part of a large team. For these people there will be separate very interesting bonuses, trips and meetings at the expense of the company and much more. After opening, the maximum deposit bar will be increased (now a client of the company can invest a maximum of $ 10,000). For the most active, at the expense of the company, offices in cities where active partners live will be opened, for those who will have an office in his city, a monthly stable bonus will be paid regardless of the results of work.ccc8plan-347x400 CCC8 FUND ( - Abstracts from the admin and insurance of 500 usd! "width =" 347 "height =" 400

17) What would you like to wish your investors and those who are just eyeing your project?

-I want to better distinguish one-day projects from projects that really work and make good money. I wish you a huge profit and a positive mood, because only when a person is happy life is in full swing and presents pleasant surprises. And of course, give out initial insurance for your readers in the amount of $ 500!
Well, and we went to bring the project to the ideal, because there is no limit to perfection! 270 days of successful work are already behind us, and this is just the beginning of friends!

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