CCC8 FUND ( – a well-formed medium-term with a yield of up to 100% net for 2 months


Banner-468-1 CCC8 FUND ( - a well-formed medium-term with a yield of up to 100% net for 2 months
1006 CCC8 FUND ( - a well-formed medium-term with a yield of up to 100% net for 2 months

  • Category: hype projects with a yield of 16% to 60% per month;

  • There is unlimited insurance 500 usd!
  • 02.17.2019 full review released

  • Topic on the forums: mmgp;

  • True Upline: Newhyip;

  • Recommended investment plan (s): of your choice;

  • Recommended deposit amount: up to 10% of your bank;

  • Example of referrals: with a deposit of $ 100: $ 20 for the first deposit and $ 13 for the second.

Detailed description of the project …

Rates Those. part Details Refback on the project

Start on May 19, 2018 with the design and plans of the partisan. Changed clothes and changed plans January 30, 2019

Project News:

02/20/2019 – Unlimited insurance of 500 usd is allocated!

02/09/2019 – 270 DAYS OF SUCCESSFUL WORK! MORE THAN 10,000 CLIENTS AROUND THE WORLD! In connection with this significant date, we have signed a cooperation agreement with such payment systems as VISA, MASTERCARD, QIWI and Yandex Money. Invest and get daily profit directly on your VISA / Mastercard. Invite friends to our company and get 12% of their deposit directly to the card! – the future today!

Opinion Newhyip

Good day! Along with compiling a Sunday digest with an analysis of the main sections of our blog, today we’ll talk about ex-partisans from the middlemen category with the address, which appeared on Newhyip a week ago with the mark TOP PERFORMER, which indicates a significant expenditure on listing, and gives us the opportunity to pay for some refback amounts of 30%, while not lowering the RCB below 13%

However, any work with investment programs begins with registration. Click on the link and fill out a few standard lines to the accompaniment of pleasant music. Payment data is already entered in the account.
cc8_1 CCC8 FUND ( - a well-formed medium-term with a yield of up to 100% net for 2 months

We already mentioned that at the very beginning of its activity was a partisan with an annual plan and only with BTC, therefore the only messages of the MMGP for 3 months were a few comments of the TS. In mid-August 2018, with the addition of Perfect Money and Payeer and two investment plans (1% for 15 days with a net return of 30% and 1.5% for 30 days with a net profit of 45%), the number of participants in the topic and project expanded. For 5 months, their profits can reach up to 225%. Full rebranding on January 30 this year brought new marketing and expansion of the line of payment systems. Both tariffs have a right to exist. According to the 10-day plan, playing with a total of $ 100, it is possible to get about 30% of the profit with our refka. One lap has already been completed. The tariff for 2 months will be break-even on the 31st day of payments, if you do not take into account the refback.

With the beginning of the active phase, not only referee rewards increased, but the number of PR people began to increase, but this set is not of a mass nature. According to investorsstartpage, the total amount of contributions to the project is 12000 usd. Newhyip report below.
ccc8-partners CCC8 FUND ( - a well-formed medium-term with a yield of up to 100% net for 2 months

The visual design that appeared with after changing clothes was made with a predominance of black, and all the information can be found by scrolling through the main page. The HYIP fund has all the necessary security elements, has documents and is based on an h-script, which (you can judge from the cabinet screenshot) has not been changed and which becomes available after pressing the Menu key on the right.
ccc8-cabinet-1024x715 CCC8 FUND ( - a well-formed medium-term with a yield of up to 100% net for 2 months

If you go to the program page on, it is noticeable that what is commonly called the site’s popularity arose at the time of rebranding, and the TOP has a value of 659.2 with the leadership of Vietnam.
cc8_2 CCC8 FUND ( - a well-formed medium-term with a yield of up to 100% net for 2 months is a very interesting resource that has been working for a long time in quiet mode. Most recently, the admin has entered an active phase with all the consequences such as adjusting marketing, affiliate program conditions and improving external data. We will observe the development + we will soon publish an interview with the administrator, stay with us!

Project Legend:

pc-state1 CCC8 FUND ( - a well-formed medium-term with a yield of up to 100% net for 2 months "width =" 300 "height =" 152

CCC8 Venture Fund is engaged in multidirectional activities, directing investment capital mainly to promising projects and promising startups with high investment liquidity. By accumulating investor funds and forming venture capital for the so-called “alternative investments”, we get the necessary resource to generate maximum profit. Since the special analytical department of the fund carries out a deep and multi-factorial SWOT analysis of a large number of promising projects, we filter out the most risky investment objects and minimize losses, many times offset by successful investments.

The CCC8 Investment Fund is engaged not only in financing, but also in supporting the implementation of projects, takes an indirect part in their management, which allows us to determine the analytical indicator of profitability and the best moments to exit the investment project. As a result of each successful transaction, our company receives hundreds, if not thousands of percent of the profit, which is provided, inter alia, by the equity factor, since the venture investor is mainly a shareholder of the company, that is, its co-owner.
An additional highly profitable direction for CCC8 is trading in popular and steadily growing cryptocurrencies, which allows you to resort to a diversification growth strategy. In each of the areas, special commissions have been formed, consisting of experts in the field of economics, analytics, currency trading, management, etc.

In order to increase working capital, CCC8 management decided to use an alternative leverage for attracting investment. Recently, our investors and strategic partners (limited liability companies) can become not only legal entities, but also individuals, without presenting high requirements for the candidacy of an investor. A flexible policy on the international investment market and an effective management structure of our company make it possible to balance the interests of small and large investors and provide them with equally comfortable conditions for cooperation.



ccc8plan-347x400 CCC8 FUND ( - a well-formed medium-term with a yield of up to 100% net for 2 months "width =" 347 "height =" 400


Profit: 1% per day

Minimum Deposit: 10 $
Maximum deposit: $ 1000
Investment period: 10 calendar days
Refund of deposit: at the end of the term
Total income: 110%


Profitability: 3.33% per day

Minimum Deposit: 10 $
Maximum deposit: $ 10,000
Investment period: 60 calendar days
Refund of deposit: included in payments
Total income: 200%

Technical part:

  • 2-year domain (registered 2018-02-20);

  • Server – IP (United States);

  • Hosting / DDOS protection – Cloudflare;

  • License script – h-script;
  • Domain Registrar – GoDaddy;

  • SSL certificate + GreenBar — GeoTrust for 1 year;

  • Certificate of company registration – No. 11658181 (check)

  • Unique design

  • Original the content

Advertising company: a list of forums and monitors is available here;

Turnover at


  • Language versions: English, Russian;

  • Accepted EPS: PerfectMoney (U15826213 (CCC8 FUND)), verified, country Pakistan), Bitcoin, Payeer, Ethereum;

  • Cryptocurrency rate: without conversion;

  • Type of payments: instant (but may take up to 48 hours);

  • Commission for withdrawal of funds: no;

  • Minimum deposit amount: 10 $;

  • Minimum withdrawal amount: $ 0.5;

  • Affiliate program: three-level – 12% -1% -1% from partners' deposits. The program also has a system of ranks and bonuses, depending on the amount of team deposits (more)

  • Contacts: feedback form, email, address, phone, telegram;

  • Social networks and groups: facebook, telegram, youtube, google +

Refback on the project: send the data either through the refs order form – the “Ref.Back” button in the upper right corner of the site, or contact rakovtsi.vladimir with your skype account. After receiving the refs, leave your feedback on the MMGP forum using the blog topic link to mmgp. ru, if you do not leave feedback for a long time, you may be denied RCB payment on subsequent orders.

1st deposit

% RCB of deposit
% RCB of deposit

$ 10- $ 13

$ 14- $ 40

$ 41- $ 102

$ 103- $ 219

$ 220- $ 380

$ 381- $ 600

$ 601- $ 1100

$ 1101-more

Lucky RCB is an extra offer for refs, when adding new projects we will install this type of refback on an ongoing basis, it is important: Lucky RCB for each project is limited; Link to website

Our contribution:

Date: 02/10/2019 21:22
From / To Account: U15826213
Amount: -450.00
Currency: USD
Batch: 246043975
Memo: Shopping Cart Payment. Invoice 2681, Newhyip.
Payment Management ID: 2681

Thank you for reading the review of the medium-term investment project we will be glad to receive your feedback on the project, direct comments regarding the review and reports on received payments on the project.

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