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CAT.EX: The Latest Technology Solution with Profitable Trading

Daily mining of cryptocurrency is not as profitable as it was before. This problem is directly related to the rather high price of electricity.

Also, due to the precarious state of the economy, the equipment used in mining is also becoming more expensive. All this leads to a significant decrease in those who want to engage in cryptocurrency mining and an increase in the number of people who prefer trading on the exchange.

Today, there are many cryptocurrency exchanges. All of them offer to bargain on fairly favorable terms, but the process does not do without negative aspects – a high fee.

It was these problems that prompted developers to create a platform that could solve the task. The platform involves obtaining additional profit instead of paying a commission. Her name is CatEx.

Objective of the project

The main goal of CatEx is to provide sellers with the opportunity to trade on favorable terms and increase their profits by trading established structures for the functioning of cryptocurrency.

Principle of operation

The CatEx system is based on two main components:

  • A cryptocurrency exchange called Cat Exchange;
  • The platform token is CATT.

CatEx users can take advantage of a new, previously unused cryptocurrency sale type. This type of trading involves cryptocurrency mining using its own token. In other words, at the time of the transaction, whether it’s buying or selling cryptocurrency, a CATT token is created that is credited to the trader’s account in return for the commission.

Also, the CatEx platform for blocking the CATT token provides part of its profit. Its size depends on the number of tokens and the blocking time, namely:

  • 50% in 7 days;
  • 60% in 15 days;
  • 70% in 30 days;
  • 80% in 45 days;
  • 90% in 60 days.

The exchange distributes the rest of the proceeds to:

  • Equipment service;
  • Payment for employee services;
  • Advertising;
  • Platform development.

An additional advantage of the system is the daily payment of interest on the exchange’s revenue.

The creators also take into account the need to maintain a constant value of tokens. That is why coins blocked by traders can be redeemed after the expiration of the blocking period.

Also, the CatEx exchange has a voting system, which is one of its features and stands out from other cryptocurrency trading platforms. Voting allows everyone interested in promoting the platform to independently identify the direction of development. If none of the options proposed for voting meets the wishes of investors, they themselves can list their ideas for which others can vote.

In addition, with the help of voting, it is possible to solve the most exciting issues of the platform as soon as possible, even those related to admission to trading of a particular currency. This function greatly simplifies and improves the process of trading on the exchange for each user.

It is also advisable to stop and examine the most important advantages that the CatEx platform offers, and this:

  • This platform is multilingual, which means that users can easily find the necessary instructions and understand the intricacies of the work.
  • The control over the CatEx platform is not carried out by the project team, but by the users themselves.
  • Another great feature of the project is that users, by voting, independently determine which cryptocurrency should be added to the platform. This feature allows many projects to get on the exchange without any payment for listing, as it is now accepted. It is also worth noting that to participate in the vote, the platform user must have at least 10 CATT tokens in their assets.
  •  Trading activity on the platform goes along with mining (in parallel), and users receive an additional 5% when mining.
  • And of course, a very important feature of the exchange is its complete security and safety for users. You can be completely confident in the integrity and reliability of the storage of your cryptocurrency assets.

And the most recent advantage of the CatEx platform is the launch of the lottery, which is scheduled for the near future. Absolutely everyone can take part in it in the hope of winning a big prize. For gamblers this is great news.


For many sellers, the cryptocurrency exchange is an additional source of income on fairly favorable terms, which undoubtedly attracts a large number of participants in the process. The Cat Exchange platform allows traders to earn not only on exchange rate differences, but also using the CATT token.

CatEx can safely be called one of the best cryptocurrency exchanges. This project will be of interest to both investors and sellers from around the world due to the multilingual interface. You can also use the Cat Exchange system using smartphones on the IOS and Android platforms.


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