Casinobit Online casino review



Casinobit is an online casino based on blockchain technology. Here are the games you can play on the platform:

  • Slot machines
  • Dice,
  • Roulette,
  • Black Jack,
  • Poker,
  • Baccarat,
  • KenoIt is often difficult for a beginner to understand how to start placing bets in an online casino, especially if he uses blockchain. Do not worry! All of these games are very easy to play. In addition, the website’s layout and internal architecture make it easy to learn how to play, even if you don’t have experience.

    To make a bet, you need to use cryptocurrency. The project only supports bitcoins, but, fortunately for you, they are the most common cryptocurrency in the world. Before you start playing, you need to have cryptocurrency and buy currency.

    In addition, you can participate in the aerodynamic operations of large projects, which often give out crypto coins for the promotion of their projects. If the currency you receive for free is not bitcoins, you can sell or exchange them on special trading floors.


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