Casino Verification


Why verification is needed

Online casino is located on the Internet and operates in accordance with applicable laws. Each institution must obtain a license from one of the commissions. All of them imply many conditions for players and sites. In exchange, users get reliability and quality work. Verification in the casino is a prerequisite.

If you are an experienced player and there are already several conclusions on the sites, then you have come across this operation. The casino asks for personal data of people to verify honesty. Ordinary users have absolutely nothing to fear, and those trying to launder money or cheat, the institution will try to interfere in every way.

The site needs to know whose money is used in operations. This concerns withdrawal and deposit. Player accounts and personal data must match each other. Otherwise, the institution will have doubts. It is practically impossible to refute them. Therefore, it is advisable to use all accounts and data that belong to you.

How accounts are selected

Verification of a player in a casino can follow after a long time. Sites independently decide when to check a person. You will attract the attention of the administration if you withdraw large amounts or make many monetary transactions.

Many sites have certain limits, and when the client reaches these limits, they are asked to go through verification. In some cases, accounts are chosen at random.

Verification Pass

The casino may ask you to scan your passport, indicate your address and confirm the payment method. The address is confirmed through a photograph of the last utility bill. In general, the administration will need visual evidence.

In addition to the personal data of the administration, payments will be interesting. Prove that you own a card or electronic wallet and send screenshots of profiles, or a photo of a credit card.

Many portals warn players to independently close information that can be used for payment, for example, CCV code. The institution should do this on its own, before saving data, but it is better to play it safe. The quality of photographs and screenshots must be of a high level. Otherwise, the client will be asked to send them again. Now you can imagine how to pass verification in a casino.

See how to properly hide the data on the back side of the card so that fraudsters could not use it. We are highlighted in red. On the front side, you do not need to hide data.

Sites without verification

Confirmation of identity is requested by licensed casinos, commissions are obligated to do this. There are other sites on the Internet. They can have a huge fan base, many rewards, but without a license. Playing casino without verification can be dangerous.

There are not many casinos without document verification, but you can find them if necessary. In this case, you take all the risks. However, this does not stop many players, because not everyone wants to submit personal information to sites.

List of casinos without verification:

  • Fastpay casino
  • Gunsbet casino
  • Bitstarz casino
  • Loki casino

In these casinos, they can request documents only if they suspect fraud or a large payment. In other cases, documents are not required. Also, these casinos process payments as quickly as possible up to 2 hours.

Pros and cons of verification

The positive aspects include reliability. Players will be able to contact the institution, and if there are no complaints about his documents, then they must solve his problem. If the administration does not want to work, then you can always file a complaint with the commission. She will contact the site and resolve the conflict.

Online casino without verification is attractive for a certain type of players. The ability to hide data often outweighs many factors of licensed players. The option is especially in demand among customers who play small. However, casinos with withdrawals without verification can at any time reset the balance and block the account, and the reasons will remain unknown.

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