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General information BW.COM

Another major Chinese pool, also known as the Bitcoin Website, is open to users from all over the world. With its help, you can mine not only Bitcoin, but also other common cryptocurrencies.

The pool began its work in January 2015 and the next month showed excellent results in bitcoin mining. By the end of the year, its indicators decreased slightly, but this is due to the division of computing potential – the service transferred some of the capacities of data centers located in China to mining other cryptocurrencies. At the moment, in addition to BTC, it allows you to mine LTC, ETH and ETC.

Large Chinese investors are also behind the creation of the pool, also investing in the development of equipment and software for mining. Thanks to this, the service does not depend on other manufacturers – most of its data centers operate on their own platforms.

Now BW.COM aims to attract users from all over the world. His site is available not only in Chinese, but also in English, as well as Spanish. In the foreseeable future, the creators of the project plan to add support for Russian.

In addition to the pool itself, the company’s website has an exchanger and exchange for trading digital coins. During the existence of the project, its share in bitcoin mining ranged from four to ten percent. So BW.COM can be safely called one of the largest services for cloud mining, not only in China, but throughout the world.


At the moment, the pool works with a hash rate of 228.08 PH / s. Over the entire life of the project, 12,020 blocks were mined using it. Of these, 854 – in the last six months. In this case, the number of empty blocks mined is zero. And their average size is 998,235 bytes.

Remuneration Payments

The block remuneration transaction fee at the moment is 25.10% in BW.COM. The numbers are far from the highest. But, given the fact that the pool is not among the top five, it is quite acceptable.

BW.COM supports a variety of ways to output the received cryptocurrency. It can also be invested in a project, exchanged or used for trading on the exchange. All this functionality is available directly on the service website.

 Pool Features

The main trump cards of BW.COM are its customer focus and reliability. The service was one of the first to introduce two-level account protection – operations with cryptocurrencies on the project website can be performed only after specifying a phone number, since text messages with a confirmation code will come to it. This led to some inconvenience for domestic miners – the Chinese pool for a long time “did not want” to work with some operators in the post-Soviet space. But at the moment the situation is fixed and similar problems no longer arise.

Another advantage of the pool is its openness and focus on attracting new users. Each new investment cycle in it moves according to a simple and catchy algorithm:

  • Fundraising for the purchase of equipment;
  • Purchase and connection of new computing power;
  • Mining selected cryptocurrencies.

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