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Overview of the cryptocurrency exchange exchange is now in the top 10, provides users with access to various popular cryptocurrencies. It allows anonymous trading, as well as verification of large enough amounts without verification. The number of cryptocurrencies is 29 positions, 35 trading pairs.

The trading commission is 0.1% (for standard traders), for large traders a zero commission is set (for this you need to have the Market Maker status, which is assigned exclusively individually).

A commission has been established for the withdrawal of cryptocurrency, you can get accurate data about the size on the page – “Fees”.

Registration and verification of an account on

The process of registering on the exchange is quite simple:

  • Enter the email address or mobile phone number in the specialized field;
  • Password is set;
  • CAPTCHA is filled;
  • Be sure to confirm that you are familiar with the agreement on the registration data;
  • After you press the button – send the code;
  • He receives the code by mail or SMS to the phone, and enter the received code in the corresponding field of the registration sheet.

Immediately after carrying out registration actions, the user gains access to all the functionality of the exchange. Note that verification is not required, since this function is simply not on this exchange. This means that an anonymous trading option is being formed.

Deposit funds

To make a deposit, you need to visit the section – My Assets. From the section, go to the Deposits tab and select the desired asset (cryptocurrency) exclusively from the list provided. Then we get the wallet address, which can be copied or scanned as a QR code. Additional instructions or a warning from the administration may appear at the bottom of the screen. The thing is that each currency has its own specific features of the transaction.

Withdraw funds

To implement the withdrawal process, you need to visit the Withdrawal tab (located in the My Assets section). After the transition, the wallet address must be indicated. To make a withdrawal, you must definitely have an additional 2FA authorization connected.

Trading on the cryptocurrency exchange

Trading is conducted in five markets. You can even trade in pairs with the QCash (QC) cryptocurrency, as well as with the BWB token. A very convenient trading screen panel has been proposed, which contains a list of trading pairs, a list of markets, it can be hidden and restored quickly enough. When carrying out such actions, the remaining panels remain visual. All graphs and settings are placed on one screen.

On the left screen is a list of markets, this list can be minimized, which provokes the release of space for the trading chart. You can also open the Currency information tab for almost all cryptocurrencies and see the help, which contains data on all the features and key parameters.

In the center of the screen there is a trading chart that reflects the data of the selected pair, all your orders will be placed under this chart. On the right is a list of executed orders (the latter, which are updated in real time), under this list a form is created for creating sell orders or the purchase of a crypt.

Additional services and other features of the exchange

On the main page you can find a standard set of banners of the advertising format for various cryptocurrency format projects (description of the exchange, list of partner projects). In the upper and lower menus are the most useful as well as interesting sections of the site.

It should be noted the high visibility parameters, as well as the information content of the trading screen, which allows users to get comfortable working conditions on the exchange.

This year, the exchange issued a token (BWB, ERC-20 standard), it is traded exclusively within the platform, the daily trading volume is more than 100 thousand dollars, since the launch, the rate has fallen by 2.5 times.

There is a referral program. On the main page in the lower menu, you can apply for a token listing, see news, find links to official exchange groups.

Online Exchange Reviews

The platform has been operating since 2017, but on the Internet, it is also combined with mining, and not with crypto trading. There are not enough reviews and reviews about all the features of the trading functionality of this exchange on the network. In the Telegram group you can find reviews, as well as discussions on participation in the distribution of BWB tokens. Actively discussing issues of activation of bonuses, user attention is also riveted to the study of all the features of the referral program.

The study of reviews in this group made it possible to determine the complete absence of complaints about serious problems or negative aspects of the operation of this exchange, it also became obvious that the exchange administration is very responsive to all user questions.

A fairly significant number of reviews can be found on the Reddit forum (in English). But, the forum has no activity among Russian-speaking traders, and there are no reviews that could help novice users of the exchange determine the main nuances, features and secrets.

Advantages and disadvantages of the exchange

The relevance of the exchange is very high due to the following advantages:

  • The presence of a convenient and comfortable mobile type application;
  • Informative and convenient trading interface;
  • High liquidity (large trading volumes);
  • Authentication is not needed, which provokes the possibility of anonymous trading;
  • There are advantages to withdrawing large amounts of cryptocurrencies;
  • Users receive high-quality and professional 24/7 support.

Cons of the exchange:

  • The support services and the site do not support the Russian language;
  • Fiat currencies are not supported;
  • Margin type trading is not provided (this service is currently under development).


The exchange is controlled by a fairly large Chinese investor, and is associated with other popular crypto exchanges, which provokes powerful financial support. Accordingly, we can say that this exchange can be trusted and you can not be afraid of its sudden closure.

The lack of verification provokes the possibility of the most anonymous work with the service. Users will appreciate the convenient interface and a universal trading system, taking into account the ability to control the market situation as much as possible. In the future, various upgrades and improvements are planned, which provokes confidence in unlocking new potential for users. For large traders, the commission is not set at all, for standard traders it is minimal.

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