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Cryptocurrency exchange BtcTurk

BtcTurk cryptocurrency exchange was founded in 2013. Then she worked as a bitcoin platform. Over time, Ethereum was added to the auction. Now the list of available cryptocurrencies has 5 positions.

The company is registered in the capital of Turkey, Istanbul. It is focused mainly on local investors who are interested in buying / selling popular digital currencies for the Turkish lira.

The project is led by Ozgur Generi. He took over as CEO in February 2018. Prior to this, the exchange was headed by Kerem Tibuk, who founded it. The management team also includes Ozan Yurtseven (CTO) and Alfan Gogüz (COO). Prior to that, they worked at BTCTrader, from where they transferred to BtcTurk. By the way, BTCTrader also founded Kerem Tibuk.

Over the 5 years of operation, the exchange has never been a victim of hacking, which indicates the reliability of protection mechanisms. The site managed to reach a relatively serious level, as for a local operator. Its daily turnover reaches $ 5 million, even in conditions of a strong market correction.

The exchange domain was registered on September 26, 2012. The resource is presented in two languages:

  • Turkish
  • In English.

ranslation into English is not fully completed. Some sections that relate to the organizational part are not translated at all. For example, when registering, windows with information in Turkish appear, which you must agree with in order to continue creating an account. By doing this, the user agrees to the terms of service at his own risk.

On the official website of BtcTurk, the course data in the submitted trading pairs is updated online. There is also information about how the protection of user assets is carried out, what mechanisms are used for this and where the funds are stored.

At the very bottom, registration data and a list of partners are published:

  • BTCTrader (which is not surprising);
  • Comodo.

Directly from the main page, you can download the BtcTurk mobile application, which allows you to get full access to the financial and trading operations of the account from Android / iOS devices.

Registration and login to BtcTurk

To create an account you will need to specify:

  • Email
  • Name, surname;
  • Password.

Then an e-mail will be sent with a link to confirm the email address and complete the registration.


After the first login, the user needs to bind the mobile number. You will receive a code on it, which you enter in the window that appears on the site.

To open full access to the functionality of the site, you need to specify your personal data. To do this, first select the account type “local” or “foreigner”, and then specify:

  • ID-card / passport number;
  • Date of birth;
  • City ​​and exact address of residence.

Next, attach scans of identity documents and registration, and a selfie with an ID-card / passport.

Input and output

The cryptocurrency listing contains 5 cryptocurrencies:

  • Bitcoin
  • Ripple;
  • Ethereum
  • Lightcoin;
  • Tether.

Commission for input / output of digital currencies – 0%.

Of the fiats, only the Turkish lira is supported. Financial transactions are carried out through the Papara payment system and bank transfers. Deposit Commission:

  • Papara – 1% + value added tax (VAT);
  • Bank transfers – 0%.


All trading operations are available only after the user passes complete verification. Trading is carried out in the crypt / TRY format, you can also exchange BTC for USDT. According to CoinMarketCap, the daily volume is $ 4.85 million. The highest turnover in pairs:

  • BTC / TRY – $ 2.14 million;
  • USDT / TRY – $ 884 514;
  • ETH / TRY – $ 815,787;
  • XRP / TRY – $ 741,146.

The maker / taker commission depends on the volume of the trader. The initial value is 0.2% and 0.3%, respectively. As the turnover increases, the fee can decrease to 0.02% and 0.08%, but for this, the user must scroll from 50,000,000 TRY per month for trading.

Types of Orders

Traders can create orders:

  • By limit.
  • By the market.

Margin trading is not available.

Tech support

To contact support operators, go to the Help Desk section. There are FAQ items (only in Turkish), and there is also a button to go to the ticket compilation menu. In it, indicate the name, surname, email, subject and describe the problem. The request can be made in English.

In addition, there is a separate group on Twitter, where users can leave their messages, and support operators publish updates in the work of the exchange and solutions to recent problems.


The administration takes care of the reliability of protecting the assets and personal data of users. To do this, each time you log in to your account, you need to confirm your identity using a code that will come in SMS to the attached phone number, and solve the captcha.

At least 95% of customer assets are stored in cold wallets that also use multi-signature technology. Data is protected using mechanisms that have the second level of the Federal Information Processing Standard (FIPS). Two-factor authentication is also mandatory, the inclusion of which occurs during the verification process of the account.

BtcTurk Reviews

BtcTurk is a cryptocurrency trading platform for traders from Turkey. She uses modern protection methods that reliably protect her from hacks. It is practically not known in RuNet, as it is focused only on those who are interested in exchanging popular digital currencies for the Turkish lira.

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