() – the self-proclaimed Crypto cloud mining service, the self-proclaimed Crypto cloud mining service, supposedly provides 5 GH / s of free hashing power for registrations. The site charges a zero maintenance fee and promises that the speed of contracts starts at 1 GH / s. In addition to this, BTC Sweet claims that their contracts are for life, which means that there is no specific duration during which these contracts must end.

Well, the way BTC Sweet advertises its services is quite interesting. If you have been mining bitcoins for some time, you know what we mean. But if this is your first time trying this business, then be sure that BTC Sweet will look like something worth your while. Created in January 2017 and registered with Jordan Koytlar of BTC Sweet Bitcoin Mining Ltd, BTC Sweet believes that it has everything necessary for mining cryptocurrencies on behalf of its investors. The company behind this site was allegedly registered in March 2017. However, there are no details about this company on the Internet. If it is a registered company in the UK, as stated in official documents provided by BTC Sweet, we can find information about the company on the company’s website. But this is not so. It can be assumed that there was no actual incorporation.

BTC Sweet accepts payments in various ways. THESE ARE PAYPAL, BITCOIN, PERFECT MONEY AND PAYEER. This gives investors a number of ways to pay for their plans. However, this can only be useful if BTC Sweet is a legit mining service. However, at present the service is not like the legitimate mining service Crypto. Based on the red flags and the cheap template that the site used, we do not think that the site is intended for serious business. In addition to this, investors can purchase an unlimited amount of GH / s for mining. The question is whether there is evidence that BTC Sweet is mining cryptocurrencies, as stated on their website. For us, there is no evidence that the proceeds were from mining. In fact, the site does not indicate whether they have data centers. They did not even indicate their location, and yet this information had to be provided in advance in order to increase their credibility.

Miners can also chat with them directly on their website. However, they provide a phone number in the UK, but other numbers are hidden for reasons that are most familiar to them. It looks like a dubious investment scheme, followed by an awkward presentation that suggests that BTC Sweet is nothing more than a Ponzi scheme.

No evidence of mining or payment

In addition to the fact that BTC sweet decided to use a cheap Ponzi scheme template in its work, they also made sure that their website did not have evidence of mining activity, which is sufficient evidence that the site operators are too lazy to convince even the most new users. Man in cryptocurrency mining. What they listed as proof of payment is pathetic. This is not proof at all. Instead, the list contains random names of people who, according to their claims, made payments on different dates.

In short, there is no evidence of mining on this site. The site does not talk about its data centers, and yet they sell data centers. How exactly is this possible? The fact is that this is a potential scam and a fraudulent site that uses the popular Bitcoin cloud mining theme to deceive users with their hard-earned money.

 Is this a scam

BTC Sweet is definitely one hell because all the evidence points to this. Red flags are too obvious. You cannot miss the fact that this site cannot prove its mining activity. Their estimated income is clearly an empty promise, and the hash level that they give for free practically does not exist. In short, this is a Ponzi scheme and fraud, wanting to get the most out of the pockets of an ignorant person.

Our best advice for you.

We would not advise anyone to “mine” with BTC Sweet, because it’s not worth it. If you do not plan to join the Ponzi scheme, there is usually no reason why you should participate in cheap projects that will steal money from you.


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