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BodyClick is an advertising network that offers “High-quality traffic for the advertiser and stable earnings for the webmaster” (the BodyClick slogan on the main page of the site). The BodyClick network was launched in 2009 and was initially positioned as a network of teaser advertising, but now other formats are available here:

  • Contextual advertising;
  • Teaser advertising;
  • Banner advertising;
  • Instant messengers (simulating messages in the browser);
  • Clickunder.

The functionality of the advertising network for convenience is divided into 2 parts (roles): Webmaster and Advertiser, depending on the goals and objectives of the registered user. There is a third type of account – “Agent”, which is registered individually and can work with the API. Switching between the ‘roles’ is done in one click with the mouse from any internal page of the advertising network.

According to numerous reviews, the BodyClick ad network is of high quality live traffic. For the advertiser, this indicator is the main criterion for choice, and therefore in BodyClick there really are a lot of different kinds of advertising, on which webmasters make good money.

It is possible for a webmaster to create a teaser, contextual, or banner ad unit of a suitable format with subsequent optimization. Any ad unit can be tailored to fit its conditions so that it brings maximum revenue.

BodyClick features for advertisers and webmasters will be discussed in detail in this article with examples and screenshots. A phased review will be both useful and interesting to both user groups. And let’s start with the first step – registration in the BodyClick advertising network, consideration of general principles.

How to register with BodyClick for a webmaster or advertiser

Registration is simple and straightforward. Since this article is aimed at specialists, we will not describe the registration in detail, we will describe the main steps.
1. Go to the main page of BodyClick at the link:

2. For registration, we can use several options at once:

– The “Login” button – hereinafter “Register” – further “Select a role” (advertiser / webmaster);
– Links “Quality traffic” (to advertisers) or “Stable earnings” (webmasters);
– Buttons “I want – Visitors to my site” (for advertisers) and “I want – Monetize my site” (for webmasters).
The screenshot below shows the registration form in the role of ‘webmaster’, but for advertisers this form will be similar. Filling out the form is standard: enter the Login, Password, E-mail, code from the image (captcha), agree to the rules. Direct link to the registration page:

3. Next, we are asked to indicate additional contacts (Skype, ICQ) for quick communication and confirm your E-mail (go to the mail and go to the profile activation link):

4. After clicking on the activation link, we become full members of the BodyClick system and proceed to get acquainted with the functionality of the system.

5. For authorization, use the ‘Login’ button. The login page is also available at:

BodyClick: General Features and Menus for Webmasters / Advertisers

Consider the options that the advertising network offers us immediately after authorization. Some features will depend on the role (webmaster or advertiser) that is currently installed.

Affiliate program (referral program)

Through a webmaster account, you can participate in the affiliate program of the BodyClick advertising network and increase revenue through referrals. Under the terms of the referral program, the administration of offers partners:

– 5% of the profits of referral webmasters;
– 3% of the amount topped up by referral advertisers.


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