Blog report for the period from 01/13 to 01/19. Total: + 9.2% or + $ 626.38



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  • Welcome to the milestone readers of the blog!

    In the new year, we renew the tradition of reporting on our successes in the investment field, and the next week’s report is from 13.01 to 01.01. During this period, we managed to make a profit of + 9.2% or + $ 626.38. We remind you that project news and blog events can be found not only from weekly reports, but also on our Telegram channel. Be sure to sign up if you haven’t done it yet, and you won’t miss anything important.

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    🎓 Friends, if you just started to study the hype industry, we recommend that you familiarize yourself with a simple and convenient tool for beginners!

    New portfolio projects

    Laredo (NEW) – high-quality foreign hype with fast rates. We placed the fund in the category “Best Blog Projects” and recommend it to our partners, as we expect a good game here. The site offers plans from 7% to 9% per day for a period of 30 days, instant payments and a good affiliate program in the amount of 7%. We pay our partners the maximum possible refback 7% and offer deposit protection of 700 $.

    Amadeus Bank (NEW) – A well-prepared fast project, more focused on investors from Asia. The line of highly profitable plans in this hype is thought out correctly – the higher the percentage, the higher the threshold for minimum entry. A great investment option would be a profitability plan. 2.1% per day for 15 days. For a limited period, we will pay partners a bonus of 8%, and all deposits of referrals are protected by perpetual insurance in 700 $.

    Best hyips

    SuperKopilka – the administration of the TOP project, which has been working since 2013, told what it was possible to achieve in 2019. Read more about his success here.

    MSRise – we have been working with the project for 117 days and all this time it has been slowly, but steadily developing. The project pays once a week, even according to the minimum plan for this period it was possible to withdraw half of the deposit. We remind you that there is a refback 2.5% and insurance for 700 $.

    B2B Jewelry – from January 20 to 26, a bonus is valid for the purchase of a Silver certificate 7.5%. Blog partners also receive 5% of the amount of your contribution.

    Cryptouniverse – the largest mining center in the Russian Federation continues to work and earn profit for us! We follow the news of the project and We are waiting for the completion of the construction of a new mining farm in Siberia, which will have a capacity of 60 MW. Bonus for partners in this project – 3%there is insurance on 700 $.

    8Bit – a project on a blog for more than 330 days, during this period it was possible to go through a lot of circles, the site continues to work stably and delight in profit. Refback on the project – 1%.

    Rub Stokes – the New Year holidays in the project have ended and the fund is working again as usual. We remind you that the bonus for the project is 3.5%.

    Roboton – the project comes out of beta testing and reports on its achievements in 2 months of work. In particular, the Whitepaper document was developed and published, the administration conducted a bounty campaign, the personal account and affiliate program were updated, 5 new language versions appeared and several foreign chat rooms in Telegram.

    Nanoinv – we received 46 payments from the project, taking into account the bonus from the blog, we could already earn 48% net income. We remind you that this hype has good prospects and there is insurance in it 700 $. Since many have entered the stratum and have been breakeven for a long time, insurance can cover more new deposits!

    Tender Expert – we remind that this is a project from the TOP admin, which has already given over 100% profit! We advise you to take a closer look, there are real chances to earn money. Refback on the project 3%partners' contributions are protected on $ 1000.

    Mizes – the project reports that during the work it paid partnership bonuses for a total amount of $ 140,000. If you decide to join this mining company, then do not forget to pick up the refback on the blog. 4%.

    Moriarty – the best game on a smart contract has released its own application, which is already available on Google Play. To all our partners in this project, we pay a deposit bonus of 3%, and also for you there is insurance on 700 $!

    Gissis – The 5-day lap that brought 7% profit. We are betting on this project in 2020 and we advise you to pay attention to the site right now, when its development is just beginning. Affiliate bonus is 2%.

    Blog section "Tests"

    Bitcoffeen – a project on a blog for more than 50 days, pays from 0.02% to 0.15% in a day. A bonus for partners in this asset is not provided.

    Income for the period from January 13 to January 19. Total: + 9.2% or + $ 626.38 *

    Account number
    Profitability at the tariff of the company,%
    Amount at the beginning of the week, $
    Amount at the end of the week, $
    Profit, $

    7% per day

    Amadeus bank
    2.1% per day for 15 days

    B2B Jewelry
    8% per week

    1% on business days

    3% on business days

    Tender expert
    2.5% per day

    from 1.4% to 5.88% per day

    2.089% per day

    Rub Stokes
    from 1% per day to 150% per term

    3.47% per week

    0.8% on business days

    0.5% per day

    0.2% per day

    0.4% per day

    1% per day



    * How profit is considered

    In this table, we consider how much received (withdrawn) from the projects in a week, and not net profit. It is not convenient to consider it and once a week then it will not work to summarize, most of the reports will be negative.
    Example: we invested $ 1000 in Project_X with a weekly income of 4.2%, for the week we received $ 42, and if taken correctly, we need to write a loss of -958 $ in this project :)) Since until we withdraw our initial contribution of 1000 $, we have no profit (net) yet. But in fact, we received $ 42 (which we are now putting in profit), but this is not net profit, it can only be calculated when the project closes. To be honest, we always write after scams how much PURE PROFIT was received in the project.
    As for scams, we do not write more about them in the table, we tell in the report how the projects worked. This is for the convenience and economy of our time 🙂 So for example, if this week we had counted everything to the penny, then the income would have been more than in the table. Explanation: 6 projects were closed this week, of which 5 projects worked in plus (brought a net profit of 35 to 100%) and one at a loss, so if we were to calculate how much profit in dollars we got these 5 projects to scam this week, then this amount would be more than a loss from 1 project. In our report, we show the dynamics of investments in HYIP projects and approximate profit, we do not pretend to be accurate, our goal is to show that it is really possible to make money in HYIP projects.

    ⚠ Stopped paying projects Cryptisson-middle (there is insurance for 400 $), Newyear7 (gave to earn 91% profit, for those who come too late, there is insurance on 300 $), Usd capital.

    In project AutoTrans Company there are problems with the withdrawal. The administration reports that this is a technical malfunction, which it solves, but until payments are resumed, we recommend that you refrain from new deposits.

    RESULTS: Since the beginning of 2020, many new and high-quality projects with good prospects have appeared in the hype industry. We constantly monitor the situation and present only the coolest new products on the blog pages, in particular, last week two investment funds fell into the category of “Best Blog Projects” at once. We definitely advise you to consider adding them to your portfolio and do not forget about TOP projects that have successfully survived the New Year season and have proved their serious attitude. Vacation period is over, get involved in active work and earn profit with the investment blog!

    ✨🎁Remind me about monthly contest with cash prizes for all active blog readers. Now Active blog visitors can receive prizes every month for comments below descriptions of projects, reviews, news.
    ⚠If you have any questions, you can safely ask us personally through your Telegram account

    Risk Reminder

    Any investment carries risks and the investor should always consider this. As a rule, risks are always proportional to profitability and the higher the percentage the project offers, the higher the probability of incurring losses. Highly profitable projects have increased risks, because profitability also offers serious, so I recommend that you follow certain rules:

    • Remember to diversify and do not invest all your money in one investment tool. It is more reasonable to distribute available funds across several projects in order to reduce risks.
    • When investing in a highly profitable fund, be prepared for the fact that there is a high probability of losing money. Therefore, do not use borrowed funds and those amounts whose loss will play a big role for you.
    • Withdraw profit from the project as often as possible (daily, hourly) in accordance with the tariff conditions that the project offers! Make the decision to reinvest without emotion, weighing all the pros and cons. And remember the main rule of the investor: It is better to lose profits than to lose a deposit.

    I advise you to read the article on this topic: What is risk diversification or how to protect your money from scams?

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