Blockchain programming: how to master and how much you can earn


Blockchain programming

Blockchain technology is called one of the most innovative and has great potential for development. Many experts are convinced that the technology will only be fully realized in the next decade, which means that it makes sense to learn new skills or retrain into a blockchain programmer. Large companies have already become interested in applying the technology, and the industry is only gaining momentum and is in need of specialists.

How to become a blockchain developer

Blockchain – a decentralized distribution register of data in which information is recorded in a sequential chain of blocks. Now the technology is mainly used in cryptocurrencies, but can be used everywhere and in almost any industry where reliable data storage is required. The areas with the greatest potential for use today are finance, the real estate market and insurance.

For the first time, this technology was implemented in the digital currency Bitcoin and the architecture of its network is considered a classic blockchain, but there are a number of other equally well-known cryptocurrencies and applications. Before choosing a blockchain for yourself as a field of activity, you should decide on a specific direction.

To date, there are three main professions in the blockchain programming industry:

  • Blockchain systems engineer. In this case, you will need to have impeccable knowledge in programming, to be able to build complex systems based on blockchain architecture.
  • Developer The specialist should be able to create client applications for storing and protecting confidential data.
  • Smart contract programmer. In this case, the candidate will be required first of all to master programming languages ​​such as JavaScript and Python and learn how to correctly use them to prescribe the terms of contracts.

The industry is still young enough and there is a catastrophic lack of specialists in it, so we can confidently say that a programmer who knows the basics and subtleties of building a blockchain can find a scope for implementation.

 What do blockchain projects write on

To write blockchain projects, many programming languages ​​are used that a novice developer will need to master. This largely depends on the choice of the platform on which applications and projects will be created, as well as on the final product. The ranking of the most popular programming languages ​​of 2018 includes C, C ++ and JavaScript.

A specialist who is interested in how to create a blockchain from scratch should be prepared for the fact that C ++ knowledge and quite extensive knowledge of coding and the technology itself will be required. Some experts advise concentrating on C / C ++ with OpenCL, Cuda. Possession of these languages ​​will allow you to create mining pools and services, cryptocurrency wallets and much more.

Smart contracts were originally conceived as a tool for easily creating decentralized applications. But to create them, you only need to know a certain programming language. To successfully implement applications and services based on smart contracts, you will need, first of all, possession of JavaScript and Python. Also for programming on smart contracts are advised to learn the Go language.

To work with Ethereum’s smart contracts, you will need to learn Solidity, which is the main programming language of the platform. To create a contract from scratch, and not according to a template, you will need to have quite serious knowledge.

In general, knowledge of any programming language that is compatible and supported in the blockchain environment will not be superfluous. For example, you can experiment with Node.JS or Perl.

Of course, the most used languages ​​in the blockchain are C and C ++, but it is important to understand that the language is just a tool. A competent developer who understands the algorithms and principles of creating an architecture can create projects in the distribution registry using any language.

Is a “base” necessary to master blockchain programming

Blockchain developers should know the basics of technology. The lion’s share of difficulties and limitations in development are caused by its features and limitations. In particular, in order to create a high-quality product, a developer must understand the principle by which decentralization and autonomy of the blockchain are built. You will also need to understand the problems of scalability, understand the features of a P2P network and have knowledge of the principles of HTTP requests.

Blockchain development on Ethereum smart contracts or any other platform created for these purposes is easier and as such a knowledge base is not needed here.

Smart contracts are a ready-made tool for developers, ensuring the fulfillment of the conditions laid down in it, which the programmer must enter.

The main difficulty that a novice smart contract developer may encounter is the lack of training materials. At the same time, creating a smart contact is a task of increased responsibility, since even a slight omission in the code can make the system vulnerable to hacker attacks.

To create your own blockchain architecture, programming skills and creating codes are not enough. The developer must know all the key features of the technology. Here you will need to further study:

  • Blockchain basics and its types;
  • Principles of work and chain building;
  • Cryptography and hashing algorithms.

What to choose: self-study or courses

Blockchain is an open technology and most of the information can now be found independently. You can study for free, since most blockchain projects are open source, which is available for study on the GitHub service. But if you focus on the speed of training, then you should pay attention to courses for developers, since most of the open information gives only superficial knowledge, and you will also have to spend enough time filtering the data.

On the other hand, when attending courses, there is a chance of simply taking over the teacher’s knowledge and copying his actions, so attending courses combined with self-learning is considered the best option.

How much does a blockchain programmer earn

According to statistics, the average salary of a European programmer varies from 1,500 to 2,000 dollars, while blockchain programmers even in the CIS countries receive about 5,000 dollars. As you know, American and European salaries are much higher.

Given the increased demand for specialists in this direction, programmers with the necessary knowledge and skills can count on promising work, including in foreign companies. And given the fact that the development of technology is only gaining momentum, with sufficient experience in the future, you can count on highly paid positions in large corporations.


Creating blockchain projects requires additional in-depth knowledge of technology and cryptography. By choosing for yourself the path of a blockchain developer, you can be sure of the relevance of your profession in the future. The low level of competition in the industry can count on the availability of attractive vacancies. Do not forget that the knowledge gained in the future can be used to create your own project and implement new ideas.

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