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Blockchain Partners Pro

Blockchain Partners Pro is another service designed to promote your brand on social networks and search for partners. Here are a few nuances about him:

  1. The official website of Blockchain Partners Pro is located at
  2. The service started on August 8, 2019, but its real work began only on August 20, when it became possible to pay tariff packages (packages cost $ 15, 30 and 50)
  3. Blockchain Partners Pro is executed on the Ethereum smart contract and has its own token. This should not be afraid, since in the Internet business smart contracts will be found more and more every day.
  4. The popularity of Blockchain Partners Pro over 3 weeks of work at Yandex.Wordstat reached 1,200 requests, which indicates an active promotion of the service.

Earlier in a review about Blockchain Partners Pro, I said that this is ANOTHER one service created to promote your business. There were many such services – Onthetop, MegaLikes, TopLiders. There were still some, but I can no longer recall their names.

The Onthetop service clearly demonstrates the fact that it will not be possible to promote your MLM business or simply find referrals with their help. Below you see the graph of Onthetop popularity, which people initially enthusiastically accepted, and after a couple of months they forgot about it, since it did not bring any benefit except the opportunity to earn money inside the service itself.

It is obvious that Blockchain Partners Pro as well as services before it will not be able to give you partners in MLM business or referrals to matrix projects such as Apelsin Money, Cryptohands, etc. Just because the idea of ​​the service does not work. After all, every person comes to look for partners in their business and only those who want to drag you into their business can contact you!

Nevertheless, Blockchain Partners Pro has a chance of success if the platform develops further and does what is promised in the presentation on the official website of BlockchainPartners.Pro, namely the internal task execution service, that is, some system participants will be able to create tasks, and Others do. Of course, in this case, Blockchain Partners Pro will become like a bucks, but only partially.

At the end of the review about Blockchain Partners Pro, I note that I liked the official site of the project, the use of a smart contract and promotion methods. Personally, I wish the project success and together with the authors of we will follow the news of the project and inform our readers.

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