BL3P – cryptocurrency exchange review: reviews and registration


BL3P reviews and review of the official website of the exchange

BL3P is the trading platform of Bitonic, the first company organizing the acquisition of Bitcoin in the Netherlands in April 2012.

The peculiarity of BL3P is that the exchange controls the funds of users (Euro / Bitcoins), so the team requested a license from a payment service provider in the Central Bank of the Netherlands. They replied that the BL3P does not need a license.

BL3P uses Stichting Bitonic Payments. All customer funds are stored and managed there in bank accounts. This independent foundation ensures customer safety.

BL3P is the only cryptocurrency exchange based in the Netherlands and holds Dutch bank accounts to process transactions in euros.


  • Euro exchange for Bitcoin and Litecoin in the Netherlands
  • Support by banks in the Netherlands – all funds are stored there
  • Mandatory Verification
  • Registration is closed: by invitation only and only for EU citizens.

Check in

To go to the registration page, click on “Sign up” – the registration page will open. Fill it.

Create a username

  • The username must begin with a letter and have a length of 3 to 20 characters. Allowed characters are uppercase and lowercase letters, numbers (not consecutive) and dashes (-), underscores (_), and periods.
  • Write Email
    We recommend using a post from Google, as it is considered the most protected from hacking
  • Create a password
    The password must be complex, that is, it can consist of at least 8 mixed (uppercase, lowercase) letters, numbers and special characters or an easy-to-remember phrase consisting of several random words, preferably with some numbers or special characters added.
  • Repeat password
  • Choose your country of residence
  • Choose account type
    The account can be personal or corporate (for business).
  • Click “Submit”.

Next, go to the mail and look for a letter from BL3P to confirm the registration. Follow the link in the letter.

However, even if we have completed all these steps, we will still NOT be able to register for BL3P, as an invitation code is required to finally confirm registration.

Therefore, if you do not have this code, then you will not be able to use this exchange. For the same reason, it is impossible to consider the bidding process and setting up a profile on a given trading platform.


To enter funds, it is necessary to pass verification, that is, provide the following data:

  • Copy of your ID
  • Proof of your residence in the selected country at the specified address (account)
  • Photo of your debit card, bank statement (payments may be hidden) or a screenshot of your online bank

All data must be filled in a special form and upload photos or screenshots of these documents.

Deposit, withdrawal of funds

You can easily enter cryptocurrency on the BL3P.

Bitcoin is usually added to your balance within 30 minutes (after 3 confirmations), Litecoin after 6 confirmations.

Deposits can be made instantly via iDEAL (Netherlands only) or via SEPA, which will be processed within one business day.

IDEAL and SEPA deposit fees are EUR 0.50.


At its core, BL3P is a mini exchange, since there are only two trading pairs: BTC – EUR, LTC – EUR.
Trades are conducted as on any exchange: you indicate the number of coins to buy / sell and set the price for 1 coin – this is how you create a trade order.

Also, when conducting trading, you can select the type of order (Market or limit).


A big minus is that you can only register if you have an invitation code. The administration of BL3P explains this by the fact that the site has become very popular and the engine cannot withstand such a volume of users. However, if you look at user activity, then an average of 50 people simultaneously bid – not so much for a cryptocurrency exchange.

Despite these shortcomings, BL3P is famous for its reliability and good protection of funds, since all the assets entered are stored in cold accounts with banks in the Netherlands.

If you have the opportunity to register and deposit funds (which is even more difficult due to the input and output systems used), then you can very well use the BL3P trading platform.


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