Bitsdaq from Bittrex. Can I make money without investment


What is Bitsdaq

Bittrex is a well-known cryptocurrency exchange with a trading volume of 2-3 billion rubles per day. Bitsdaq is a project in which Bittrex is also involved. In fact, at the initial stage, Bitsdaq will be the most common cryptocurrency exchange, but oriented to the Asian region. Subsequently, perhaps Bitsdaq will become something more!

 How to make money at Bitsdaq

In this part of the Bitsdaq review, we will discuss the most important point – how to make money in the project? Answer: very easy. We go through registration and verification on the website (for verification, you need to upload your rights / passport and photos with them), we also go to’s personal account every day and get additional bonuses.

Well, of course, inviting people, you get even more bonuses. You can take your referral link in the section Personal Account-Account-Candy.

Airdrops and earnings on them

Airdrop is the distribution of project tokens in exchange for its advertising. In particular, now for attracting 1 person to Bitsdaq, you get 800 BXBC tokens.

If in general the team of advertisers worked for the URA and the project attracted money, then the project token grows in price, and the advertisers get a good profit, given that they received the tokens for free. If advertisers involved only rogues in the project, then the token continues to cost nothing and advertisers get nothing.

That is, the Airdrop idea is quite real and working from an economic point of view.

Initially, Airdrops worked very well, raised money, attracted people, but with the popularization of cryptocurrencies, a lot of people came to the field of Airdrops who simply earned tokens and sold them, that is, they did not support the project with all their heart and money.

In general, now most Airdrops are completely unsuccessful in earning. I hope that in Bitsdaq the situation will be different.

  • First, they are focused on development
  • Secondly, they have a serious parent company.

Of course, at first you are unlikely to be able to get even $ 1 for tokens received during registration and daily entry. But if you invite at least a few referrals, and besides, wait a few months until Bitsdaq will work to the full, and the price of tokens will increase at times, then you can earn 100 or more USD on this.

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