BitPay rejected a donation of $ 100,000 due to bureaucracy within the service.


1-3-600x251 BitPay rejected a donation of $ 100,000 due to bureaucracy within the service.

A user who was touched by the ongoing Amazon fires tried to donate $ 100,000 to Amazon Watch's BTC environmental group. However, BitPay declined the generous donation because it was “too big.”

BitPay responded to the problem and told the activist group that they needed to reconfigure the settings on the seller’s toolbar. After that, they will have to wait for the approval of the new volume. Similar bureaucratic the process provoked the ire of some people on the Internet who felt that it was the exact opposite of what a cue ball should be.
However, this can be even simpler. As another user (@infeza) mentions, all Amazon Watch needs to do is create a Bitcoin address and make it public. Thus, everyone can send as much as he wants.

Despite this, the whole situation emphasizes an important rule: if you do not own the keys, you do not own the funds. BitPay is designed to simplify the transaction process for merchants. However, let's not forget that this is essentially a centralized facility. Besides charging fees, it can also easily set limits on the number of BTC sent and where it can go.
The fact that such a generous donation failed because of a centralized system once again reminds us of the benefits of decentralization and smart contracts.

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