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Bitonic – cryptocurrency exchange

Most European cryptocurrency exchanges operate in the legal field and are characterized by increased reliability. They collaborate with banking institutions, offering customers convenient buying and selling of tokens for both local currency and dollars or euros. In this article, we will pay maximum attention to the features of the well-known Bitonic site.

The Dutch exchange Bitonic has extensive experience in the digital money industry – the company was founded in 2012 by three crypto enthusiasts. The name of the site comes from the word Bitcoin, in which several letters are rearranged. The mission of the exchange is “Bitcoin for everyone.”

Over the years, more than 300 thousand bitcoins were sold on the service. The exchange owns another cryptocurrency trading platform – BL3P, which operates in all European countries without restrictions.

Bitonic has been featured in the press more than once. Articles and notes about the platform appeared on the pages of such media:

  • Telegraaf;
  • The Wall Street Journal;
  • Bitcoin Magazine
  • Bloomberg;
  • Metronieuws and others.

There is an opportunity to become a Bitonic partner and earn money by inviting new users to work with the service. To do this, we place either a code on our website or a referral link on forums, social networks. The fee is paid to the bitcoin address you specified. To apply for a partnership, you need to fill out a special form. If approved, you will receive 0.25% commission.

As Bitonic has extensive experience in the crypto industry, the exchange team conducts training courses, presentations, courses for scientific or financial organizations, government agencies. He also advises everyone to deepen their knowledge of working with digital money.

Registration and verification on the Bitonic exchange

To buy currency on the site registration is not required. But if you need to operate with amounts of more than 50 euros per week, you will have to verify your bank account on the service. The site team, for the convenience of customers, is ready to rid their customers of such troubles, however, verification is a requirement of the financial partners of the exchange.

You can fill out the form yourself by providing all the necessary data, or a request for verification will appear at the final stage of the transaction.

All you need to specify:

  • Bank account number;
  • Your phone, to which you will receive a code;
  • Email address

If everything went well, a confirmation email will be sent to the mail. You will also receive instructions that will help transfer 0.01 euros to the bank account of the site.

Bitonic Input and Output Methods

The only cryptocurrency the exchange works with is Bitcoin. Of fiat money – the euro. You can pay for the purchase of coins on the service in various ways:

  • IDEAL;
  • Bancontact – a former MisterCash, works in Belgium;
  • MyBank – for users from Italy and Luxembourg.

Exchange and trade on Bitonic

You can sell or buy BTC directly on the Bitonic homepage. Here on the left is a special form. Depending on your needs, select ‘Buy bitcoins’ or ‘Sell’. We enter the number of tokens in the upper field, and the exchange will automatically calculate how much euro will need to be paid and vice versa. Choose an acceptable payment method.

To trade cryptocurrency and make money on the difference in exchange rates, you should use another platform from Bitonic – the BL3P exchange.

Advantages and disadvantages of Bitonic

We will analyze the main positive and negative points in the work of the Bitonic exchange.

What can be praised for the site:

  • Quick purchase or sale of bitcoins without registration.
  • The speed of transactions.
  • Different methods of paying for coins.
  • Reliability proven by time.
  • Large trading volumes.


What causes criticism in the activities of the exchange:

  • The site does not work with dollars and other fiat currencies.
  • The interface is not translated into Russian.
  • There are no other cryptocurrencies other than bitcoin.

Bitonic Reviews

Exchange customers like the ease of buying or selling the right amount of tokens, the ability to purchase a small amount of BTC from a trusted service without providing personal data. If there are any problems, technical support quickly solves them by phone or via mail.

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