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Bitkong – the most fun and fun online casino

Bitkong is an incredibly gambling and exciting bitcoin game. Its essence lies in picking fruits – bananas, pineapples, coconuts, apples – and getting satoshi for them.

The playing field consists of 9 levels, on each of which the player needs to open one hidden cell, where there may be either fruit or nothing. Naturally, the choice of an empty sector leads to the cancellation of previously accrued satoshi, and “fruit” – to an increase in payment and the transition to the next stage. At any time, you can pick up the winnings and stop the game without reaching the last level.

The design is fun and unusual. The main screensaver of the Bitcoin game is the tropical island with frogs, palm trees and mountains. The gorilla “manages” the whole process – in its powerful paws is the playing field. The image of the animal is animated – its eyes blink constantly.

You can select the gray-green or gray-yellow color of the interface by pressing the corresponding button in the upper left corner of the screen. At the top are also buttons for turning on / off the sound, switching to a demo mode or a game for real bitcoins, and choosing its complexity. The bet amount is displayed under the playing field, and the satoshi balance is above it.

The rules of the Bitcoin game on bitcoins

Registration in the Bitcoin game “Bitkong” is carried out by e-mail. Before you start playing this game, you need to decide on the size of the bet (adjusted by the “+” and “-” keys at the bottom of the screen) and the difficulty level. There are 5 of them – the more difficult it is to play, the higher the gain for correctly guessing the sector with fruits:

  • “Easy” (3 sectors out of 4 winning).
  • “Medium” (2 of 3).
  • “Complex” (1 of 2).
  • Extreme (1 of 3).
  • “Nightmare” (1 of 4).

The game begins by pressing the ‘Play’ button, after which four (or two – three) sectors will alternately open before the player. To proceed to the next stage, you must select one of them containing fruits. In this case, the player can continue further guessing or end the game by clicking on the “Finish” button.

With the transition to a new stage, the number of Satoshi earned increases, but one wrong choice immediately cancels all payments. When the bitcoin game is terminated early due to the will of the player or due to failure, the contents of the hidden cells are displayed on the playing field: in which of them there were fruits, and in which – nothing. However, this can hardly help the player in some of the next games, because the distribution of full and empty sectors is constantly changing.

In accordance with the rules of the Bitcoin game, the level of complexity depends on which fruits will appear on the screen. For example, at Sredny it will be coconuts, and at Nightmare it will be apples.

How to earn bitcoins in bitkong game

Satoshi, one hundred millionth BTC, is awarded for the right choice of cells. With the passage of each stage, the potential gain increases by a different amount – the further the player goes, the higher his reward for the next correct guessing. For example, with an initial bet of 100 Satoshi and a game on an average difficulty level, the payout for the first correct choice will be 145, for the second – 211, and for the third – 308 Satoshi.

The complexity of the game has a direct impact on the size of the rewards. At the maximum level of difficulty, each guessing will bring a significant gain, but at the same time, the probability of this will be only 1 out of 4. On the contrary, when playing at an easy level, where the probability of a successful choice is 3 out of 4, the payoff for this is not high.

There is a developed referral program – the player will receive up to 25% of the bets of each user he attracted, regardless of whether they were winning or not. The link for the invitation is in the profile in the ‘Referrals’ section.

Also, a free bitcoin crane credits 10 satoshi at intervals of 10 minutes. To do this, it is not necessary to lose the entire bank, you can get them ‘for nothing.’

Bitcoin withdrawal conditions

The minimum withdrawal amount is 1000 Satoshi, which is displayed on a Bitcoin wallet. Accordingly, you can remove the won shares of bitcoins with the accumulation of this amount. The withdrawal fee is 200 Satoshi.

According to many players, the Bitcoin game for bitcoins is a real lottery, and the outcomes are formed by a robot that analyzes the behavior of players and predicts their moves. To deceive him and be able to profit from interacting with this game, you need to play as unpredictably as possible, constantly changing your cell selection system.

Nevertheless, the site has a Bitcoin faucet that charges free Satoshi, which allows you to start getting to know Bitcoin without any financial investments or risks.

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