– Strong equipment, yield from 80% net for 2 months and a decent refk from our portal!


biteroi-600x74 - Strong equipment, yield from 80% net for 2 months and a decent refk from our portal!

895 - Strong equipment, a yield of 80% net in 2 months and a decent refk from our portal!

Hello! The review of the project, which we will replenish today with details, is directly related to the administrator, who is repeatedly monitored on our portal. This time a listing called ENERGY. The program itself can be found at A week of work, of course, is not a deadline for a 60-day tariff with Biteroi LTD, but just the moment when you should order a refback. Newhyip pays not only RCB up to 12% of the depot, but also guarantees bonus from 0.5 to 10 usd.

Tariffs Those. part Details Refback on the project

Start June 26, 2018

Opinion Newhyip

However, you will receive a ref bonus only after you have made a contribution to, before going through the registration procedure. The admin reminds that you cannot change the invitee, and we will repeat: “Check upline!”
biteroi-register-1024x589 - Strong equipment, yield from 80% net for 2 months and a decent refk from our portal!

Although the investment fund has 3 tariff plans, the most appropriate logical game of hype is the tariff at 3% per day daily. The calculations are very simple: on the 34th day, you can go to breakeven, and with a refback from our portal, this moment comes at least 2 days earlier.

The fact that the project has the quality characteristics of the assembly, we wrote in the title. You can quickly get acquainted with the technical part using the button with the same name before the start date. It seems to us that such an innovation on the blog is quite convenient. Now let's take a look at the outside of the site. She is original and up to par! And it doesn’t matter which foundation device you use. The h-script engine with a certificate is the basis of the entire functional, the cabin is standard, and, traditionally, it is necessary to register wallets, i.e. Wallet Details.
biteroi-cabinet-1024x602 - Strong equipment, profitability from 80% net for 2 months and a decent refka from our portal!

Promotion of Biteroi LTD is not called too dynamic, there are several blogs and a dozen resources with open statistics, the users of the latter have deposited about 50 thousand dollars according to investorsstartpage, but there is just a dynamics in filling the checkout. We add the contributions of our partners to the total amount – it is 23-25 ​​000 usd, including cryptocurrencies.
biteroi-refs - Strong equipment, yield from 80% net for 2 months and a decent refk from our portal!

And with such decent statistics, the initial comments on the MMGP were dedicated to the fact that no one was interested in such plans!

The same unpopularity of the site (in quotation marks) is also confirmed by the resource, on which the traffic curve, GlobalRank-733.3 and an unusual influx of visitors cut through.
biteroi_3 - Strong equipment, yield from 80% net in 2 months and a decent refk from our portal! is an investment mediator that has attracted the attention of a sufficient number of players due to decent design, working investment decisions and the presence of a very experienced management … Everything seems to be fine, but, follow all investment rules and most importantly – do not invest the amounts that you cannot afford lose yourself.

Project Legend:

biteroi0-587x400 - Strong equipment, yield from 80% clean in 2 months and decent refk from our portal! "width =" 351 "height =" 239

Biteroi LTD is an investment company managing professional cryptocurrency traders. Successful achievements in core business enabled the company to expand partnership assets to enter new markets.

Our program is intended for people who want financial freedom, but are unable to do this because they are not financial experts or lack time, or both Biteroi LTD is a long-term investment program supported by cryptocurrencies. Profit from these investments is used to enhance our program and increase its stability in the long run.

Biteroi LTD will become the most popular and reliable company that provides customers with reliable and highly profitable investments around the world.

biteroi1-600x132 - Strong equipment, yield from 80% clean for 2 months and a decent refk from our portal! "width =" 600 "height =" 132


biteroi3-600x121 - Strong equipment, yield from 80% clean for 2 months and a decent refk from our portal! "width =" 600 "height =" 121

3.00% Daily Return

Profitability: 3% daily

Charge: every calendar day
Minimum Deposit: 25 $
Maximum deposit: $ 50,000
Investment period: 60 calendar days
Refund of deposit: no (included in accruals)

Total income: 180%
Net profit: 80% + our fat refka

25% Weekly Return

Profitability: 25% every 7 days

Charge: once a week
Minimum Deposit: $ 100
Maximum deposit: $ 100,000
Investment period: 12 weeks (84 days)
Refund of deposit: no (included in accruals)

Total income: 300%
Net profit: 200%

115% Monthly Return

Profitability: 115% once a month

Charge: every month
Minimum Deposit: 500 $
Maximum deposit: $ 200,000
Investment period: 4 months
Refund of deposit: no (included in accruals)

Total income: 460%
Net profit: 360%

Technical part:

  • Domain for 10 years (registered March 30, 2018);

  • Server – IP (Belize);

  • DDOS protection – DDos-Guard;

  • License script – H-SCRIPT;
  • Domain Registrar –;

  • SSL certificate – COMODO for a period of 1 year;

  • Unique design

  • Original the content

Advertising company: a list of forums and monitors is available here;

Turnover at


  • Language versions: English;

  • Accepted EPS: Perfect Money (U15262405), verified, UK country), Payeer, AdvCash, Bitcoin, Ripple, Bitcoin Cash, DASH, Zcash, Monero, LiteCoin, Ethereum, Bitcoin Gold;

  • Cryptocurrency rate: without conversion;

  • Type of payments: manual (24 hours regulation);

  • Commission for withdrawal of funds: no;

  • Minimum deposit amount: BTC – 0.003, XRP – 30, BCH – 0.02, DASH – 0.07, Zcash – 0.1, MONERO – 0.14, LTC – 0.2, ETH – 0.04, BTC GOLD – 0.5, PerfectMoney – 25 USD, Payeer – 25 USD , ADVCASH – 25 USD ;;

  • The minimum withdrawal amount: BTC – 0.0005, XRP – 1, BCH – 0.0008, DASH – 0.003, Zcash – 0.004, MONERO – 0.005, LTC – 0.008, ETH – 0.001, BTC GOLD – 0.02, PerfectMoney – 0.1 USD, Payeer – 0.1 USD , ADVCASH – 0.1 USD;

  • Affiliate program: in 4 levels = 10% -3% -1% -1% from deposits of invited investors, (representative 14% -4% -1% -1%);

  • Contacts: feedback form, email, online chat;

Refback on the project: send data either through the refs order form – the “Ref.Back” button in the upper right corner of the site, or contact rakovtsi.vladimir with the skype account. After receiving the refs, leave your feedback on the MMGP forum using the blog topic link on mmgp. ru, if you do not leave feedback for a long time, you may be denied RCB payment on subsequent orders.

1st deposit

% RCB of deposit
% RCB of deposit

$ 25- $ 80
11.00% + 1 usd
10.00% + 0.5 usd

$ 81- $ 200
11.00% + 2 usd
10.00% + 0.6 usd

$ 201- $ 400
11.00% + 3 usd
10.00% + 0.7 usd

$ 401- $ 706
12.00% + 5 usd
10.00% + 0.8 usd

$ 707- $ 1,500
12.00% + 6. usd
10.00% + 0.9 usd

$ 1,501- $ 3,000
12.00% + 7. usd
10.00% + 1.1 usd

$ 3,001- $ 5,000
12.00% + 8 usd
10.00% + 1.2 usd

$ 5001-more
12.00% + 10 usd
10.00% + 1.3 usd

Lucky RCB is an extra offer for referrals, when adding new projects we will install this type of refback on an ongoing basis, it is important: Lucky RCB is limited for each project;

Link to

Our contribution:

Payment successfully completed!
Transaction Number 1f4fa47d-9a32-43a0-aeb7-6b55edb11a51
Date and time 06/26/2018 14:01
Payment Amount $ 350.00

Thank you for reading the overview of the investment project. We will be glad to receive your feedback on the project, direct comments regarding the review and reports on received payments on the project.

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