Bitcoin wallet – which one to choose


Bitcoin wallets

Investors of investment sites use all kinds of electronic payment systems, but the most popular are various bitcoin wallets. They are ideal for investment in hype projects, as experts do not recommend indicating a wallet with basic savings on such resources.

Now, investors prefer several of the most top-end bitcoin wallets with which they carry out the lion’s share of transactions.


The most popular and popular bitcoin wallet. Its popularity is due to reliability, wide functionality and loyalty to new users.


  • Simple and quick registration procedure.
  • HD addresses completely neutralize the ability to monitor user account transactions, ensuring confidentiality.
  • The presence of a special function that allows you to create wallet backups.
  • Ability to set up dynamic commission.


The main feature of this wallet is that it is tied to a cold storage of cryptocurrency, which exists on servers operating offline (without connecting to the World Wide Web). It is located in a protected bunker that was previously used by the military in the Swiss Alps.

Using the XAPO debit card, the user has the right to pay for purchases or services throughout the world. But because of this, the confidentiality of the system suffers. The user must go through the deanonymization procedure, which will require the provision of documents and a mobile phone number.

  • Commission for outgoing transactions – 0, 00025012 BTC.
  • Commission for incoming transactions – 0, 00037518 BTC.


One of the most popular and sought after bitcoin wallets.

In fact, this is a full-fledged cryptocurrency bank in which users are able to carry out exchange, purchase and sale operations. Bitcoin wallets are just one of the additional features of the service.

When registering, the user must be fully identified. The system will require him to verify his identity and provide complete information on a bank account.
All transactions are carried out non-block, so they are instantly confirmed.


It is considered new to the crypto segment. It is a cryptocurrency bank. Despite the fact that the service has appeared in the industry relatively recently, it offers users several innovative solutions. Example: any participant is able to send bitcoins via SMS or e-mail.


Bitcoin wallet began its work in 2011. It is considered one of the oldest and most reliable services.


  • The user is given the opportunity to create multiple addresses.
  • Intuitive interface.
  • The user is able to buy bitcoins exclusively from trusted sellers.


This wallet has an excellent security system, which completely eliminates the possibility of unauthorized penetration of attackers and malware attacks. To complete the transaction, you need to put two multi-signatures. Private keys are stored by the user, so the system has limited access to his means.


The service appeared relatively recently, but many have already fallen in love with it. Provides users with multi-signature functionality. Equipped with an innovative security system and guarantees complete confidentiality of any transactions. User keys are not imported to the server. Each transfer generates a new email address. While the product has not gained wide popularity, but there are all the prerequisites for the fact that over time it will take its rightful place among the best bitcoin wallets.

This is an accessible and understandable service. The wallet offers users several useful features:

  • HD technology.
  • Dynamic commission.
  • Multi-signature.

Not so long ago, the organization became the owners of the Blocktrail block explorer, the purchase of which significantly expanded the functionality and allowed it to compete with Blockchain.


The recently launched Bitcoin wallet. Of particular interest to beginners. The user is able to control any transactions. A serious advantage of the service is the absence of fees for any payments.

Other Bitcoin Wallets

We examined exclusively the top Bitcoin wallets, which are very popular among users. All of them received recommendations from the Bitcoin community and occupy leading positions in the ranking.

In fact, there are several times more wallets. But not all of them deserve special attention, due to the low popularity and susceptibility to the scam.

Why is it better to keep the cue ball in your wallet instead of the exchange

Some store cryptocurrency exclusively on the exchange. Especially this new users sin. Yes, on the one hand, it’s convenient – on the same site you can exchange for another type of currency, then withdraw to an electronic wallet (bank card) or perform another operation.

But any exchange is not able to guarantee the complete safety of the user’s finances. Like hypes, exchanges are subject to scam. When this happens, they partially or completely refuse financial obligations to the participants of the service.

This will happen due to the weak security of cryptocurrency exchanges. Attackers break into the security system and withdraw funds from the service, after which it is not able to function effectively. Of the 169 cryptocurrency exchanges, today they continue to fulfill their obligations, only 97, 72 have closed.

Even on one of the most popular Russian-language exchanges, EXMO there were failures that caused users to lose their savings.

Exchanges need to be used to sell or buy currencies, but it is better to store savings on bitcoin wallets. Otherwise, the user is seriously at risk. The closure of almost half of the well-known cryptocurrency exchanges and the constant failures of workers, a clear confirmation of this.

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