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Mobile cryptocurrency storage applications

The demand for mobile bitcoin wallets for Android is growing in proportion to the development of digital currencies and blockchain technology. At the moment, on the market you can find a huge variety of cryptocurrency wallets that are perfectly adapted to the most popular OS for mobile devices. In fact, they are ordinary programs that store the public addresses (keys) of the user. At the same time, private keys are located on the remote server of the application manufacturer.

In most cases, mobile wallets for storing Bitcoin cannot be considered independent products, since they only duplicate the functional capacity of the main online service responsible for all operations with digital currency.

 How to install bitcoin wallet on android

Even a child can handle the download and installation of a mobile crypto wallet. To get started, you should go to the website of the creators of the wallet or find the application you need in the Google Play store. Next, you should select a specific version of the program and confirm its installation. After the installation is completed, you need to go through the registration and authorization procedure in the new wallet profile.

Key Features of Mobile Bitcoin Wallets

In most cases, Android crypto-wallets give the user the ability to control the balance, view the history of transactions, make financial transfers and create backup copies of important data. It should be noted that mobile crypto-wallets, most often, are characterized by limited functionality. The reason is their modest size and features of private key storage. The vast majority of mobile Bitcoin wallets have a simple and intuitive interface, so interacting with them should not cause any difficulties.

Best Bitcoin Wallets for Android


This wallet is a real old-timer in the cryptocurrency mobile storage market. The program works without problems with bitcoin and popular altcoins. Coinbase is deservedly considered one of the most reliable cryptocurrency wallets. Note that the three-factor authorization system acts as a wallet protection. By the way, the program supports the Russian language, which is important for residents of the post-Soviet space. The weak features of Coinbase include only an insufficient level of anonymity.


One of the best bitcoin wallets for android with a cloud type of storage, which makes it possible to access it from any device connected to the Internet. It has a high level of security. One of the features of the Kryptonator is its multicurrency. Not limited to the ability to store digital currencies – it also has the ability to exchange, transfer crypto-money and monitor cryptocurrency rates. Read more about this service in the review.

Blockchain wallet

A worthy bitcoin wallet for android in Russian, which is the brainchild of the popular project, which successfully collaborates with millions of cryptocurrency enthusiasts. The program has good functionality and a clear user interface. It is noteworthy that the wallet supports two types of virtual coins: Bitcoin and Ethereum. Also note that the application makes it possible to track exchange rate changes of popular cryptocurrencies. The main and only drawback of the crypto wallet is the insufficiently responsive support service.


Reliable crypto wallet with the ability to anonymously store digital assets. The wallet conducts all financial transactions using the Tor network, so your real location remains a secret. The program is characterized by excellent speed and hardware storage support. In addition, the wallet makes it possible to back up important data.


This crypto wallet can work with forty varieties of popular altcoins. Thanks to the proprietary HD wallet function, the wallet reliably protects users from the intrigues of hackers. Also in Coinomi you can enjoy a profitable digital currency exchange, which is good news.

Bitcoin wallet

This wallet is the ancestor of the era of mobile Bitcoin storage. The program cannot boast of a huge set of options, however, no matter what, it reliably protects your assets. The strength of the wallet is its unsurpassed speed. At the same time, the dubious technical support service and working exclusively with one cryptocurrency are its main drawbacks.

The main advantages and disadvantages of mobile bitcoin wallets for Android

The main purpose of mobile cryptocurrency wallets is the effective work with digital savings outside the home. I would like to note that they cope with the tasks assigned to them very well. The key strengths of these programs are a simple interface and, most importantly, mobility.

But mobile cryptocurrency storages are not without certain disadvantages. For example, they do not save your personal data directly on the device, which means that you risk being affected by attacks by ingenious hackers. Also quite often, crypto-wallets for android do not have a quality support service.


Mobile bitcoin wallets for Android is really a very convenient tool for storing small stocks of virtual cash. They are ideal for people who urgently need freedom of movement. But if you plan to store impressive amounts in cryptocurrency, then mobile applications are not a good option. In this case, take a look at hardware crypto-wallets and cold storages, which are much better suited for serious tasks.

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