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Advertising Network Overview AdBit is your place if you want to advertise your site or make money on advertising in the Bitcoin cryptocurrency. Redemption of advertising impressions occurs through an automatic auction system. Advertising with a higher price, receives more impressions and traffic, is placed in more profitable positions. There is both text and banner advertising.

For AdBit advertisers

there is a catalog with publisher sites divided by topic, ad space and cost of display, from minimum to maximum. Some ad slots are very cheap. There is an option to automatically select positions. The AdBit ad network contains several thousand sites and over 15,000 advertising positions. For a day, the network generates about 5000 targeted clicks. The minimum deposit is 0.00250 BTC. There is a choice between a network campaign, or an advertising campaign on a particular site (naturally at the price of the site owner)

 For AdBit webmasters

AdBit advertising platform is a good tool for monetizing your beginner Internet project with payment in bitcoin. To place ad units, confirmation of the rights to the site is required (we upload the file provided in the root folder of your site and click the check button!) The minimum withdrawal amount is 900,000 satoshi, the withdrawal fee is 150,000 satoshi.


AdBit referral program: 5% of the advertisers you’ve attracted and the same percentage of publishers’ earnings.

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