Bitcoin is close to $ 5,000: what's next?


1-334-600x337 Bitcoin has come close to $ 5000: what's next?

This week began with the fall of Bitcoin and another low. Bitcoin is breaking records going lower and lower. Currently, Bitcoin is trading at $ 5038, having fallen by more than 10% over the past 24 hours.

Other cryptocurrencies fell along with Bitcoin. Ethereum fell 13%, also updating its low record. Ethereum is currently trading at $ 154.

The experts cannot clearly name the reason for such a rapid fall. But most of them it is inclined to believe that the BitcoinCash hard fork is to blame for everything, which has pulled over all the power of the Chinese miners. Now they are actively mining a new cryptocurrency.

But BitcoinCash can not so affect the entire crypto industry. Still, most likely, investors were affected by the totality of negative news that develops around cryptocurrencies.

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