Bitcoin Casino Bustadice – Review


Casino Bustadice

Bustadice is a gambling service that runs on bitcoins with an unconventional power factor. You do not need to choose “more” or “less” in order to earn – the user simply chooses how much he wants to multiply the profit. It varies between 1x and 1,000,000x. If the game is higher – you get the desired money. But if your forecasts do not come true, you will lose the entire deposit.

The highest earnings for one game is 37 MTC, but this number is constantly changing and you need to monitor it. It is claimed that Bustadice has instant deposits available!

In fact, it really expands a number of functions and makes the service extremely convenient. If you are unlucky several times, just miss the bad bet! This will not change your result.

The service takes care of you and your money, therefore a competitive commission of 0.25% of the rates and 25% of the advantage of the house is charged! Absolute justice, which protects money, guarantees the safety of your savings and the casino itself.

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