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BitcoAdz is a popular Bitcoin-based ad network. Offers Cpm, Cpc, Popup, PopUnder advertising. At the moment, Bitcoadz pays one of the highest rates in the pop-up ads market.

To the advertiser in BitcoAdz: upon registration, a bonus of 0.0001 BTC is credited to the account. We create an advertising company. We indicate the name, description, link to the banner and site. We select the ad format, category and geo-targeting, it is also possible to choose the language of the sites. The minimum amount for payment (aka the daily budget) is 0.001 bitcoin. CPC 600 satoshi. After the ad is moderated, it falls into the network company and is displayed on sites in the entire advertising network. If desired, you can select the site you are interested in on the market and place ads only on it, but at the price of a webmaster.

Publisher at BitcoAdz: almost all sites that do not contain malicious codes and illegal content are accepted, as well as are not hosted on free hosting and third-level domains. All sites are moderated during the day. Bitcoadz offers a large number of ad units in various sizes and formats. There is a choice between only text ads or banner ads, or all together.
To place an ad, select the format, size, language of the ads, copy the provided code and paste it onto your site. Paid as just showing ads and clicks on it. The number of ad slots is not more than five. Prohibited own clicks on ads and traffic cheat.

 Withdrawal to BitcoAdz: The minimum amount for withdrawing money earned to a Bitcoin wallet is 0.004 MTC and is made in manual mode, the withdrawal fee is 0.001 Bitcoin.

Affiliate program: – the service pays 10% of the commission from attracted users.

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