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Mining on BitClub Network – general information

According to statistics from and other well-known sites, BitClub Network is one of the most promising pools, which accounts for about 4% of all bitcoins mined.

Given the recent hunt for them, this is not surprising, because in China, for example, people are united in full-fledged pools offline, along with their farms.

Yes, 1 BTC now costs $ 7,400, but more recently, its price has jumped to $ 20,000. Agree, the money is pretty impressive.

Moreover, in some Saratov for this money you can easily buy an apartment. And near Saratov, 100 km from the city – and 2 apartments renovated.

Well ok, away from the lyrics. The pool has been actively operating for the past 3 years. It is not one of the new pools, the site has proven itself well during this time.

Only the most modern equipment is used, cryptocurrency mining is very successful. Let’s find out all the details!

So, the opening of the pool took place back in 2014. About 3-4% of all BTC that can only be mined per day in the world is mined daily at the site.

Moreover, this information is confirmed by various modern sources.

Miners get the opportunity to earn in two ways

  1. Bitcoin mining through the pool.
  2. Investing in equipment (hardware).

The administration has developed a special plan, thanks to which participants get the opportunity of constant passive income.

The pool itself, it should be said, is European, it is located in Reykjavik, in the capital of Iceland. In the process, developers use energy taken from renewable resources.

Also in the future it is planned to create a number of farms by analogy with the main one, the points will be located in different parts of the world.

So, miners who do not connect their capacities to the pool, but use leases through the BitClub Network, can arrange physical ownership of the equipment for the lease term.

With the help of mail they will be delivered equipment that will mine solo.

For example, let’s imagine a miner Ivan from Sverdlovsk who wants to earn cryptocurrency mining.

So, Ivan first mined through cloud mining, but then he realized that such a system of income does not bring much, and decided that only his own iron will bring luck.

But! For a full-fledged farm, you need about several million rubles, so he decided to take power for rent in our pool.

Accordingly, this option will be more profitable in terms of payment, and Ivan – calmer. Now he can even swipe for solo mining.

Register for Bitclub Network

So, we immediately note that registration on this resource is not the same as on most others. The main thing is that you have to pay an entry fee of $ 99.

In addition, someone must recommend you to join. Yes, yes, in some ways, it resembles the rules of the mafia.

Imagine that you have $ 100, and there is a friend who is ready to give you the best recommendations in the pool, what’s next? You should find the “register an account” section.

It is noteworthy that the resource itself is international, and it is presented in 20 languages, among which there is Russian. Further, during the registration process, you will need to enter the login of the friend who is ready to recommend you.

And yes, let’s immediately note that such a friend can be found on numerous forums.

Next, you will need to enter a name, email, phone number and the country where you live. Also do not forget about entering a wallet in the pool!

You can create it on one of the many exchanges presented on the Internet. You will need a wallet with a bitcoin address. Further at work, you will receive your bitcoins here.

After you enter your office, you will receive a notification of 99 dollars. By depositing this money, you can use the BitClub Network club for life.

And yes, we advise you to keep the card ready – you need to deposit funds within 10 minutes.

What’s next

If you have $ 600 left, you can easily not only join, but also become a pool partner. After paying the entry fee, you can choose a mining program.

At a minimum, its cost will be $ 600. The package will remain valid for 1000 days. When you purchase a package, you just rent mining equipment.

Accordingly, buying a package with a minimum tariff, you can mine currencies and immediately withdraw 50% of the production. The 50% that remain are simply reinvested again in your mining.

If you are a rich Pinocchio, and you have $ 1000-2000 lying around, then you can withdraw already from 60% of the mined currency.

Accordingly, reinvesting funds again, you are increasing your income more and more every day.

Settings and output

It is interesting that the process of setting up your farms will take only a couple of minutes, because after paying the entry fee you just need to buy a package, according to the norms of which mining will be implemented.

Further, the system will do everything for you.

In the pool there is an opportunity to buy a package for 3.5 thousand dollars. Its name is ‘Founders’, it provides the ability to create your own pool.

After the selection, payment follows, after which mining begins in your favor. There is also a referral system on the pool, and you can invite your friends to the club.

If you decide to withdraw your money, you just need to find the “Bitcoin Wallet” tab, and go to it.

Withdrawal can be carried out in manual mode – just go to your wallet, in the ‘Withdrawal’ section, which indicates the amount to withdraw funds. In the process of withdrawal, a commission is withdrawn, which is 0.02 BTC.

The Truth About Bitclub Network

On the one hand, the position of the pool is understandable – they keep the brand of a closed community, which ‘is not so easy to enter.’

And membership fees of $ 99, and the sky-high cost of packages at the price of a used car, which is quite possible to drive to the cottage, and the recommendations of friends …

Many simply frankly call Bitclub a pyramid, claiming that mining within it is no different from mining on open pools.
On the other hand, there are positive reviews about Bitclub.

In general, there is enough negative and positive reviews.

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