Bilaxy Exchange – Registration and Trading Guide


Bilaxy Exchange – Registration and Trading Guide

Bilaxy is a centralized multicurrency exchange that appeared recently, but almost immediately took its place in the TOP 100 exchanges in terms of trading volume (according to the updated version of CoinMarketCap). The reason for this popularity is a large number of trading pairs and the rapid addition of new promising tokens, often immediately after their successful ICO.

Exchange Features

Bilaxy is a relatively new electronic trading platform. The project began to be created at the end of 2017, and the beta version was launched only in April 2018. The mission of the BiLaxy trading platform is to provide reliable and high-quality services for the global trading of digital assets worldwide.

The main cryptocurrency on which the trading on the BiLaxy exchange is built is Ethereum. It is paired with a variety of digital tokens, even those whose ICO has just ended. The list of tokens is replenished rather quickly and this is a feature of this resource: the launch of trading in top ICO coins occurs almost immediately after their distribution into wallets, even before the official entry to large exchanges.

For example, the sale of Atonomi tokens (ATMI) was completed only on June 6, the project attracted $ 25 million investment. And the very next day, June 7, the Bilaxy cryptocurrency exchange adds ATMI to its platform.

About a week after the successful distribution of XPX tokens, ProximaX supporters were informed that their coin is now also on the list and available on the Bilaxy international block asset exchange.

Bilaxy gives its users the ability to safely trade unique tokens in real time. Today, the 24-hour trading volume of the site is $ 20,774,627.

The official website of the BiLaxy crypto exchange –

It does not have support for the Russian language, there is only English and Chinese. Therefore, we will try to step by step consider all stages of registration and the main functionality of the exchange.

How to register

New users who register their account on BiLaxy will receive 20 coins in the platform currency – BIA (billaxia). Thanks to the advanced authentication of your account, you can get another 80 additional BIAs.

For each invitation of a new user who came to the site via your link, you can get another 5 currency rewards of the platform. And invited friends can get 15 platform currency bonuses through their advanced authentication.

As can be seen from the above, user registration will help not only to save the history of your actions on this resource, but also participate in reward programs, earning good bonuses.

To create a Bilaxy account, follow these steps:

  • Visit the official page of the exchange
  • In the upper right corner, select the “Sign Up” tab. A registration form will open before you, in which you will need to fill out the following fields:
  1. E-mail address;
  2. Come up with a password that should be complex and contain not only letters and numbers, but also additional characters (from 8 to 20 characters);
  3. Repeat password;
  4. Enter the referral code (if any);
  5. Fill in the verification code from the picture;
  • Next you will need to do an email check. To do this, in line 6, click the ‘Send’ button and check your email inbox. There will be a letter with a confirmation code, which must be entered in the registration form.
  • After that, check the box that you agree with the terms of service (you can read them by clicking on the ‘User Agreement’ link) and wait for the successful registration.
  • The next window that appears before the user will offer account verification.
  • Here you need to choose an international profile (if you are not from China), indicate your name, passport number, and follow the further authentication instructions KYC1.
  • In Selfie with a photo ID and a note, you will need to take a photo with a passport and paper, which shows the current date and time. On the personal page of the passport you need to download the inside of the passport.
    And finally: in the passport cover element, load the front side of your passport.
    Those who do not want to verify their account can skip this step, but this has its limitations.

Those who do not want to verify their account can skip this step, but this has its limitations:

  • After the first entry, the money can only be withdrawn in a day;
  • Basic identification (via e-mail) will allow you to display up to 30 ETH in 24 hours;
  • Account verification (with documentary evidence) will allow you to withdraw up to 100 ETH per day.

 Marketplace Bilaxy

The trading interface of the exchange is quite familiar. Having opened the “Exchange” tab, you will see the following page.

On the right, you can select trading pairs by which a graph of the change in value will be formed in the center of the page. It can be adjusted in any time period.
On the left are the participants’ orders (for sale or purchase). Choose a suitable offer and below you will see an already filled order.

The exchange charges a single commission (Buy / Sell) – 0.1% of the transaction.

How to deposit and withdraw money from the exchange

To make a deposit, go to the ‘Funds’ tab and select the ‘Balances’ item.

Select the desired item and follow the instructions below. Be extremely careful: the addresses of deposits will be different for all assets (including ERC20 tokens). If you enter the address incorrectly, you may lose your funds.

In order to make money on the exchange, you will need to specify the address of your wallet. After making a deposit, you can track its progress on the history page.

What tokens does Bilaxy support

The platform supports Ethereum ERC20, OmiLayer, EOS tokens, as well as other transactions based on its own currency. BIA is a standard ERC20-based token implemented by the Bilaxy platform.

At an early stage, ETH will be used to calculate the token, in the future, CNY, HKD, EUR, JPY and other fiat currency will be added.


Users are already actively using the Bilaxy exchange to trade new digital tokens that are difficult to find on other cryptocurrency exchanges.

All the reviews that we found on the Internet have a positive rating for the service. The project has a good team that communicates with users and reports on all planned updates to the system. If you have a question, you can always send it to tech support on the contact page.


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