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BigClick Teaser Network is a teaser ad network for increasing revenue and generating traffic. Geographical coverage is the whole world, but the main share of impressions falls on the CIS countries. The system works with all types of devices: PCs, mobile phones, tablets. Revenue is calculated on the basis of CPC – Pay Per Click.

The service offers the webmaster a high profit for displaying ads, an asynchronous code that does not slow down the site, as well as responsive design and detailed statistics. The advertiser will be able to receive high-quality traffic, create advertisements in the form of teasers, configure targeting in detail, and analyze the results using Metrics.

To start working with tools as a Webmaster, a site must have from 500 unique users in the last month, paid hosting, interesting content, an active traffic counter. It is forbidden to work with resources that contain utilities for redirection, changing browser settings. In your account, you can switch between webmaster / advertiser modes. Teasers are rotated by auction and without caching. Changes in settings are displayed immediately, so the user will be able to adjust ads in real time. The exact price of the teaser depends on the topic. The statistics system in its structure resembles the Yandex.Metrica service; therefore, it is possible to create your own slices, graphs, and save results. Macros are available for compiling black and white lists. The filter includes detailed parameters, for example, geolocation, devices, browser, device, operator.

Key Features

  • Asynchronous ad loading
  • Lack of repetitions when showing teasers
  • Connecting code from other ad networks
  • The presence of macros
  • Detailed statistics

A teaser that stands out for its “non-teaser” capabilities
The BigClick advertising platform pleasantly surprises (and more than once) the breadth of functionality. Although (I remind you) that this is a teaser, and not a global network of contextual advertising. But according to its capabilities, BigClick manages to bend these giants.
We will not pronounce the names of those who are already well known to everyone.
To make sure that the platform under review is outstanding, we will thoroughly examine its main characteristics:

  • Type of service – advertising platform.
  • Available formats are promotional – teaser blocks and clickers.
  • The main category is adult.
  • The minimum cost per click is $ 0.00011, the maximum is $ 0.01.
  • At BigClick, ad sales are based on an RTB auction. Therefore, the cost of a click is influenced by the lead country and the level of competition for this geo.
  • Platform coverage – more than 8.6 million views and 260 thousand clicks per day.

Unlike other ‘ossified’ advertising platforms, BigClick is actively developing. The existing functionality is constantly updated in it and a new one appears. All this simplifies the life of advertisers and webmasters so that they can completely concentrate on the development of their resource. After all, the professional BigClick team and no less professional tools are responsible for its monetization!

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