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Bidmag: Ad Network Overview service began work in 2017. It offers the purchase and sale of advertising traffic without restrictions on geographical targeting.
It supports three payment schemes:
– pay per click (CPC);
– Pay Per Impression (CPM);
– Payments for conversions (CPA).

Base advertiser eCPM bids range from $ 0.2 to $ 1.6.
The actual price is calculated in real time using the RTB algorithm (auction).
Payments to webmasters (owners of advertising sites) account for 80% of the budgets of advertisers.
It works with six ad formats:

– direct link;
– banner;
– teaser;
– text blocks;
– PopUp (activated by click);
– Interstitial.

We separately note the following technical advantages of this network:
– the ability to connect post-back, traffic-back links and tracking macros;
– An expanded GEO campaign targeting system that allows you to set individual bids for countries and cities;
– the possibility of compiling both ‘black’ and ‘white’ lists;
– Availability of targeting by ranges of IP providers.
– The ability to automatically control conversion limits.

In addition to selling ad space on the site, webmasters can earn money by attracting new customers of the service (but only for publishers). Payments will amount to 5% of the amount of payments to referrals.Link for connection is located in the ‘Loyalty’ section.

How to buy traffic in the ad network

Registration for publishers and advertisers in Bidmag is separate.

Before you start creating advertising campaigns, we recommend that you familiarize yourself with the contents of the ‘Settings’ section and fill out the form with tracking parameters.
Creation of advertising campaigns is carried out in the ‘Create New Campaign’ section.

During the configuration of the RK the following actions are performed:
– Setting the name of the campaign and other general parameters;
– targeting settings (geography, devices, site language, browser language, etc.);
– Connection of keyword lists (stop words and words to determine contextual matching);
– Choosing a budget spending scheme (CPM, CPA or CPC);
– determination of limits on actions;
– scheduling impressions.
Please note that in Bidmag, you can set your own eCPM bids with geographic distribution.

How to start making money with the affiliate program

We recommend starting work with an affiliate program from Bidmag by filling in the missing data in the ‘Settings’ section.
In particular, you should pay attention to the form with post-back and traffic-back link templates.
Creating an advertising area is carried out in the ‘Create Ad Placement’ section.
After saving the basic settings, the affiliate code is available on the ‘Connection’ tab.


Connecting a payment system to replenish the balance in is carried out individually for each client.
Payment of referral earnings is made upon request, through any of the six payment systems:

– PayPal;
– WebMoney;
– Wire Details;
– ePayments;
– Bitcoin;
– Payoneer.

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