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About BetKing

BetKing opened in April 2013 and by the end of 2014 quickly became the most popular bank-funded Bitcoin. Since 2015, BetKing has had the most popular volume of all gaming gambling sites, 400,000 bitcoins, almost more than all competitors combined! With 6,000 bitcoins, the crowd funded by the bankroll BetKing was the site of the most reliable cubes with maximum betting limits. All 6,000 bitcoins were returned to investors when we closed in December 2016.


The new platform will offer a new updated provably fair casino games such as blackjack and roulette, as well as all your favorites.

We will support multiple crypto transitions, including Ethereum and Litecoin Betting.

We will also allow casino websites and application owners to integrate with our platform. We will take care of user accounts and bets and let the casinos develop their own unique games and promotions, and not have to worry about bankrolls or security problems.

Soon after launch, we will add sports bets, more casino games, poker games and tournaments and our own mobile applications.

We also have unique new games and social features that will be announced next month that players will be able to try the beta site.


– Honestly: prove that the house is not falsified or rolls are not changed by checking users’ own rates
– Security: all funds are stored in cold wallets. The connections are encrypted using SSL, and the user can enable two-factor authentication on their account. 2fa blocks withdrawal, listing and other security options
– Anonymous accounts: no registration required. An account will be created for the user when they visit the site.
– 1% edge, instant withdrawals, 1 confirmation deposit

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