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B2mine.biz – cloud mining with a bonus

B2Mine is a new platform for investing in cloud mining. Users are offered to invest money and get a constant opportunity to mine any cryptocurrency. At one time, many people dreamed of buying equipment for cryptocurrency mining and forget about everyday work. Unfortunately, such equipment costs a lot of money and it will take almost years to get to 0. It is also worth considering the configuration of the equipment and its maintenance. For this reason, many large companies lease their data centers where you can mine cryptocurrency without buying expensive equipment. Can you really earn money from cloud mining or is this another scam trick? We will analyze this type of earnings in more detail using B2Mine as this project raises many doubts.

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  • B2Mine
  • Cryptocurrency Cloud Mining
  • Reliable cryptocurrency investing platform


The essence of the project is that users invest money and get certain cryptocurrency mining speeds. The project administration guarantees that you will receive a stable income on a fully automatic machine. It turns out that you get a lifetime opportunity to mine cryptocurrency. The site has a special profit calculator. The calculation will be in the amount of the deposit and from this you will have an estimated amount of profit. The minimum deposit is $ 1, there is no limit on the maximum amount and number of new deposits. The minimum payout is also 1 dollar.

It seems that everything is fine and you can start investing in making huge money on the machine. Here is just immediately there is doubt. Why there is no information about the equipment, there are not even photos of the data center. In the absence of such information, we can safely suggest that it does not exist at all. So what do we invest in then? It turns out that we are investing in a typical financial pyramid (hype project). The following points can be attributed to the facts that this is a normal hype. There is no information about the project administrator, everything is completely anonymous and it is not known who organized everything. The absence of any rules or public offer, guarantees. In the absence of rules and everything that is connected with them, your deposit “turns” into a regular money transfer or project support (donate). You consciously and voluntarily just transfer money to a person.

A deposit can only be made through Payeer, Perfect Money or cryptocurrency. This suggests that scammers prefer to remain completely anonymous and do not intend to pay money to their users. A cryptocurrency wallet can be created in a couple of minutes and cannot be tracked. To register the above electronic wallets above, it is enough to accept SMS confirmation without providing data. Therefore, scammers do not use popular electronic wallets like PayPal, WebMoney and do not accept payments using bank cards. The start of the project was 6 days ago and already such impressive statistics? The administrator independently overestimates the statistics in order to show the reliability and popularity of the project. You should never trust statistics on such sites.


The project was opened only recently and various hype monitoring began to advertise it right away. In their reviews, they indicate that you can make money and the project makes payments. They also offer to start earning money, but they do not say that a referral link is placed in the review. Thus, the owners of such monitoring earn money on gullible people receiving referral deductions from their deposit. There are several negative reviews indicating that this is another scam where every user will lose their money and will not be able to return it.


B2Mine platform is another scam built on the principle of a financial pyramid. There is no equipment for mining; the system is based on simulating online mining. We strongly do not recommend this project because our practice shows that people only lose money on such projects.

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