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Ark Cryptocurrency – Features and Benefits

Cryptocurrency called ARK, which is also called the ‘Ark’ is a kind of ecosystem. The main task assigned to it by the developers is to simplify the daily life of the consumer. The creators have developed and are developing an innovative startup that connects all existing blockchain technologies with their ecosystem. Based on this technology, they will create a reliable platform for interaction between users from around the world.

Historical reference

Targeted activities aimed at creating the platform began in 2017. Its literal name, if translated into Russian, will sound like an ‘ark.’ Quite quickly, the new currency gained great popularity on the most famous exchange exchanges, and the project itself interested such giants as Yahoo, Forbes and several other major market players.

The development team consists of several dozen specialized specialists from various countries from around the globe. More detailed information on the official website is not provided.

The main goals and objectives of the cryptocurrency Ark

The developers of this project are trying to bring the gaps in blockchain technology as close as possible. One of the main tasks is the gradual departure from the system of exchangers and the introduction of the Ark ecosystem, which will allow you to deposit money in one cryptocurrency without unnecessary operations, and withdraw it to a completely different one without the help of intermediaries.

The main activity of developers is aimed at improving on three fronts:

  • In the software component;
  • SmartBridges performance
  • In the field of Push Button Deployable Blockchains.

Ark Benefits

The Ark has many positive distinctive features that qualitatively distinguish it from many other crypto projects:

  • The speed of transactions that fluctuate within 10 seconds;
  • The presence of technology Delegated Proof of Stake with the possibility of delegation;
  • The existence of ‘smart bridges’ that allow you to actively interact with other blockchain projects;
  • Availability of token fund;
  • Accessibility of the platform interface, which allows you to quickly understand all the intricacies of even a novice;
  • Highest level of privacy.

Perhaps it is worth mentioning the negative aspects that any cryptocurrency is not without. Has its own and Ark:

  • The real security of the system against attacks by crackers has not yet been confirmed in practice;
  • High requirements for the power of ‘iron’ from the platform.

How to get Ark

Currently, the purchase of ARC tokens is provided on most of the most popular world exchanges. Among them:

  • Bit z
  • Cryptopia;
  • Binance;
  • Bittrex

How to get an ARK wallet

On the official website of the platform, anyone can choose one of three options for wallets for storing Ark cryptocurrency:

  • Paper, upon creation of which the keys are not placed on the network, but are printed on paper and, if necessary, integrated with the online wallet;
  • Desktop, which involves downloading a special program to your computer;
  • Online, access to which is provided directly through the platform website itself.

A less common, but still affordable way is a hardware wallet for cold storage of cryptocurrency.

All wallets are optimized for working with the main operating systems (Windows, Mac, Linux).

For everyone who still decided to open their first wallet on the platform, we will describe the process of its creation in stages:

  1. Go to the official website;
  2. In the top menu, find the Wallets section. Hover your mouse over it and in the drop-down submenu select the platform you are interested in on which you want to install the wallet.
  3. Next, install the client, following the recommendations.
  4. Upon completion of the installation, you will automatically be assigned an Ark address, which will subsequently be used to conduct currency transactions.

We emphasize that individual clients exist even for mobile devices on iOS and Android platforms.

The expected ‘chips’ from the creators of cryptocurrency

The official information published at the moment allows you to begin to think about the fact that in the coming years there will be a platform that can give the opportunity to pay for goods and services from anywhere in the world. In fact, Ark will become a kind of benchmark, focusing on which it will be possible to convert one cryptocurrency into another, and the second into another, etc. And all this without the control of financial authorities and even without the participation of intermediaries in the face of cryptocurrency exchanges.

Nevertheless, the implementation of such ambitious plans will require not only time, but also significant financial resources, which will create a single network with a variety of mechanisms and tools that everyone understands. Therefore, buying tokens is not only investing with a focus on future profits, but also supporting the evolutionary leap in the blockchain industry.

Now everyone can go to the official website and independently evaluate the future prospects of this platform and the development team. A special section called Roadmap describes a lot of developed technologies and shows the degree of their readiness. In addition, you can learn about chips that have already been completed and put into operation.


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