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Recently, the cryptocurrency market has become the subject of universal attention and it is already difficult to find a person who has never heard of cryptocurrencies. But to say that the market is already strong enough is not yet possible. And as a result, inefficiencies regularly appear on the market, for example, in the form of significant price differences for the same coin on different cryptocurrency exchanges. These differences give investors and traders a good opportunity to make money using a trading strategy known as arbitrage.

Arbitration is the performance of multidirectional transactions on different trading floors, the purpose of which is to profit from the difference in prices on these exchanges. The strategy is rightly considered to be as low-risk as its goal is to find the existing difference and take advantage of it.

The arbitration strategy has existed for decades and theoretically it allows you to earn money in all markets where there is exchange trading. But well-established markets (stock, foreign exchange) have high liquidity and speed of transactions. As a result, the differences are quickly closed by the fastest players in the market. These players are almost always the so-called “smart money”, large funds with large capital, often working using automated trading algorithms.

Until recently, there were no such funds on the cryptocurrency market. Inefficiencies exist longer and are more substantial, which makes it possible to earn much more number of traders. While the cryptocurrency market pleases lovers of the arbitrage strategy, but the trend is that more and more new hedge funds appear on the market with their capitals and algorithms, the speed of trade transactions continues to increase, and arbitrage opportunities decrease. In this situation, we are approaching the fact that arbitration becomes possible only with the help of algorithmic trading.

But what to do to someone who does not have experience and knowledge in the field of programming? You can buy a ready-made arbitration robot, there is no guarantee that it will be as effective in your hands as in the hands of the creator. The result often depends not only on the quality of the robot, but also on many other factors that the creator knows, but not the buyer.

For most inexperienced cryptocurrency investors in this situation, it would be more correct to turn to cooperation with professionals. As a result, they will be able to turn their acquaintance with cryptocurrency into passive and long-term earnings.

One of the fastest growing trust management companies in the cryptocurrency market is Arbitrage-Systems. Its clear advantage over companies engaged in trust management in the cryptocurrency market and engaged mainly in high-risk speculative trading is the use of algorithmic arbitrage to manage clients’ funds, which reduces risks for the company and customers to almost zero.

Why pay attention to cryptocurrency arbitrage

It is no secret that the cryptocurrency market has increased volatility, and sharp jumps in prices in different directions on it are not uncommon. While for some this may be an advantage, for most it is a risk, sometimes unacceptable. If an investor wants stable, not space earnings, then arbitration is more suitable for him.

Its advantage over other trading strategies is that it does not care about price fluctuations. Earnings are still obtained on the price difference, which is almost always there.

It is important that, unlike speculation, there is no need to wait for the price to rise or fall. All trading operations are carried out at one time and profit is recorded immediately. The presence or concomitant trend in the market does not affect the strategy.

The increased volatility of cryptocurrencies here is only for the good. If volatility is high, prices on one exchange will more often lag behind another, increasing the price difference and thereby increasing earnings.

The worst thing arbitrage can face is if prices are frozen on all exchanges simultaneously at the same value. Then the arbitration robot will simply not enter the market, but it will not make unprofitable transactions either.

Why is it better to entrust arbitration to professionals

Entrusting the process of multiplying your funds to the Arbitrage-Systems arbitration algorithm you will receive the following advantages:

  • You do not have to spend time and effort monitoring cryptocurrency rates on various exchanges. The robot will do it on its own.
  • There will be no need to transfer funds between exchanges, which takes time, and the arbitration opportunity will be closed. Arbitrage-Systems already has wallets in different coins on different exchanges and the transaction can be carried out immediately
  • Your investment turns into a stable and passive income
  • Miserable risks
  • Increased trading volumes reduce the commission for trading on exchanges, thereby increasing profits

How it works

Together with Arbitrage-Systems you will get the opportunity to earn passively and safely. As a fee, the company will take remuneration in the form of a percentage of net profit.

To get started, you will need to register with Arbitrage-Systems. The official website of the company is In the upper right corner of the site you will see the ‘Register’ button. By clicking on it you will go to the registration page of your personal account. Then you will need to fill out a simple registration form.

For this you need to select the terms of cooperation with Arbitrage-Systems. You can familiarize yourself with the conditions of investing in a company on the website in the section ‘Investment conditions’.

It should be noted that most investment options imply the absence of a minimum amount for investment. This certainly should be convenient for those who are just looking at the cryptocurrency market and would not want to start immediately with large sums, as well as those who would like to start acquaintance with a company with small test sums.

The rest of the terms of cooperation depend on 2 factors – the minimum investment period and the remuneration of the company.

In this case, the more you choose the investment period, the less will be the reward of the company. The lower the reward of the company, the greater your profit.

Take for example two investors with the same amount of investment. But at the same time, one chose investment for 3 months and gives the company 25% of the profit. The other is for a year and a remuneration of 5%. As a result, the final income of the second investor will be 20% higher.

After you have chosen the terms of cooperation, you need to contact the company and communicate your desired conditions. After that, a contract will be concluded between the client and the company for the management of funds with the conditions you have previously selected.

Now you need to fund your account.

In the previously registered account in the section “Client area” – “Top up account” you can see a list of crypto wallets for top-up.

Sophisticated investors create a portfolio of various cryptocurrencies and thereby maximize their profits. But beginners can start with one cryptocurrency of their choice. If you don’t know which currency to choose, company specialists can help you.

If you already have a cryptocurrency and would like to multiply it passively using the services of Arbitrage-Systems, then it will not be difficult for you to make a transfer.

If you do not have cryptocurrency yet, then you will need to buy it using the services of numerous exchangers. If this is new or difficult for you, Arbitrage-Systems specialists will be happy to help you with this.

After completing the transfer, you should notify the company of this by mail or phone so that your payment is confirmed and your Personal Account is activated.

After that, the company will independently distribute your deposit on the exchanges with which it works and the arbitration robot will begin to use your investment amount in trading, bringing you profit, and the company a reward.

How to use your personal account

After the first deposit in your account in the ‘My Accounts’ section, you can see statistics on your investments in the company. You will have access to a history of replenishment and withdrawal.

As well as current information on your investments in each coin.

You can see the following indicators: Balance, Funds and Profit.

Balance is the amount of your deposits minus conclusions.

Means is your balance + current profit.

Profits are accrued every Monday in the amount of funds. Thus, profit is capitalized every week during the investment period.

The percentage of profitability for each investor in the company is the same and depends on the profitability shown by the arbitrage robot when trading all client funds simultaneously.

The average percentage of profitability per month that the robot brings, judging by the results of 1.5 years of trading, is 4-6% per month. In general, the yield for 1.5 years amounted to 141%.

On the site you can find more detailed statistics.

On the first Monday of the month, the company withdraws remuneration in its favor.

After the minimum investment period has passed, your profit will be credited to the account balance and will be fully available for withdrawal. But in any case, you will have the opportunity to draw conclusions of your funds before the end of the investment period if there is an urgent need. Just contact the company manager to resolve this issue.

In general, for any questions and clarifications you can contact the company. There are numerous ways to communicate with a company. You can see the phone and mail in the ‘Contacts’ section. Also on the site there are chat and callback order. You are a client of the company or not yet, they will always help you deal with the services of the company.


If you are interested in investing in the cryptocurrency market, but you would like them to be safe and stable, bring constant profit for many years, you should pay attention to the cryptocurrency arbitrage.

At the same time, if you do not have the time or knowledge to do this yourself, it is better to entrust your funds to a company that has been doing this for a long time and professionally. Small, but stable and passive earnings will be much better than a beginner’s attempt to speculate with cryptocurrency. This is likely to end in disrepair.

Arbitrage-Systems offers passive investments in the cryptocurrency market. But at the same time, your funds will not participate in speculative risk trading. The funds will be managed exclusively by an arbitration robot, which for 1.5 years shows a stable result.

For people who want to invest for many years in a growing cryptocurrency market, miners who hold cryptocurrency and do not multiply it themselves, this proposal may be very interesting.

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