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In this article, we will conduct a review and give feedback on the Arber Group project (official site). This is a new mid-percent, whose official start took place on January 6, 2020. Project marketing is a piggy bank with a deposit freeze for 15 days and two affordable rates. Profitability of 1.2 – 1.4% per day. We already had projects from this team on our blog and showed a result that, we hope, this time will be even better.

Note! Within a short period of time a special increased bonus of 5% of the deposit is provided! Example: with a deposit of 200 USD you will receive a bonus from the blog 10 USD in addition to high profits in the project! How the deposit bonus works is described here.

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Arber group Project Launch Date Online – 6.01.2020


We place this project in the "Tested" section, where there are projects that we liked, but require additional study and observation.

The main characteristics of the project:

➕Type of project – medium profit, piggy bank
➕Minimum deposit – from 10 USD
➕Return – 1.2-1.4%
➕ Deposit term – indefinitely
➕Deposit – returns at any time, but not earlier than after 15 days
➕Payments – instant (time limit up to 24 hours)
➕Minimum withdrawal – 0.1 $ (0.0005 BTC, 0.01 ETH)
➕ Project commissions – none
➕ Accepted payment systems – Payeer, PerfectMoney, Bitcoin, Ethereum
➕Russian version of the site – present.
➕Unique design, licensed H-script, dedicated server, DDOS protection, excellent technical training, official registration of the company in the Russian Federation.

We meet a new piggy bank of average profitability from the team already known to us, which already knows how to work in this niche and, if the circumstances are right, can show a good result. According to legend, the Arber Group is a company that combines experienced experts and analysts in the field of sports betting, who have many years of experience and many win-win strategies. Also in the arsenal of the platform there is a unique robotic system that allows you to search for fork situations. In addition, the company uses bets on two shoulders – the so-called “corridor”. All this provides a high income for investors with minimal risks.

It is interesting that the project has official registration in Russia, because this is not often found today. The technical side of the project is implemented in the best traditions for projects of such a plan: licensed script from H-script, unique design, original content, SSL from Comodo until January 5, 2022, domain registrar NameCheap for 5 years, hosting and protection from DDOS-Guard, registration number Russian companies (LLC Arber Group OGRN: 1197746573936, TIN: 9725021364, KPP: 772501001).


This time the company’s administration provided for a “piggy bank” type of marketing, which consists of three investment proposals, two of which are available now, and the third will open on March 1. According to all plans, the deposit will be frozen for 15 days, and the yield will increase depending on the size of the deposit.

More about tariffs:

  • Beginner tariff
    Deposit: 10-500 $
    Charges: 1.2% daily
    Refund of deposit: refunded at any time, but not earlier than 15 days
    Deposit term: from 15 days
    Total 15 Day Income: 118%
    15 days net profit: 18%
  • Tariff "Standard"
    Deposit: $ 501-3000
    Charges: 1.4% daily
    Refund of deposit: refunded at any time, but not earlier than 15 days
    Deposit term: from 15 days
    Total 15 Day Income: 121%
    15 days net profit: 21%

We will carry out a calculation for a contribution of $ 500 to the second package for a minimum period: daily we will receive $ 7, for the whole period we will receive income of $ 605, of which $ 105 is our net profit. But with a high promotional bonus from the blog, net profit will rise to $ 130!

affiliate program

The project provides a linear referral program up to three levels in depth. There is also a gradation of the amount of reward depending on your partnership status. A detailed diagram is painted in the screenshot above.

Deposit and withdrawal of funds:

  • Perfect money
  • Payeer
  • Bitcoin
  • Ethereum

The minimum withdrawal amount is 0.1 USD; Minimum deposit – from 10 USD.

Payments are processed instantly, the rules are up to 24 hours.

For the convenience of buying / selling electronic currency, there are many exchangers.

How it works?

1. Follow the link to the project website and click in the upper right corner "Registration". Now fill out the form: login, mail, password twice, agree to the terms. We check that in the column "You invited" was written Millioninvestor and click "Registration".

2. Now we go into your personal account, click "Top up account", select the payment system, drive in the required amount and click "Create".

3. Next, confirm the payment in the merchant payment system. After the balance is replenished, we again go to your personal account, click on “Open Deposit”, select the tariff and click on “Open”. All! Deposit is ready!

Feedback on the Arber Group project:

The Arber Group project started just a week ago and has already gained considerable popularity on the network, where it is replete with flattering reviews. At this stage, he has good development prospects. Project marketing has good financial potential, and the ability to withdraw the deposit body at any time has certain advantages that many investors like. Pay attention to the high bonus from our blog, with which the profit becomes higher, and the exit to breakeven is closer!

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Our deposit is $ 400 (for the Beginner plan):

Our invitation id: Millioninvestor


After registration, contact Telegram @millioninvestor or skype skypeandrew_investor – add you to an important channel where the first news appears. Also in personal correspondence with us you can ask any questions and consult.

In addition, there is the possibility of selecting an individual investment portfolio for you. It is possible for our partners. If you want to become our partner, register in one of the projects that are presented in the menu on the right and provide us with information after registering about yourself (login or email) or contact us personally using the contact details in this article, and we will help you do everything . Remember to clear the cache in your browser before registering with any of the projects.

ONLINE consultation

(IMPORTANT! If you can’t enter the correspondence using this link, install any VPN service available on the network or Opera browser with a VPN plugin. This will make it possible to use the most popular Telegram messenger in those regions where it is prohibited, and consult with us at any time for all questions that arise for free!)

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