Applovin Ad Network Overview


AppLovin – a new network in the monitoring system

  • Title – AppLovin
  • Website –
  • Type – mobile.
  • Verticals – mobile games and applications.
  • Formats – rewarded video, playable, native, banners.
  • Payment Model – CPA, CPC.
  • Min balance – $ 100.
  • Payment methods – PayPal and ACH (min $ 20), wire transfers (from $ 150).
  • Settlement currency is dollars.
  • Moderation. Launch after balance replenishment.
  • Referral program – no.

Mobile advertising network (exists since 2012), is focused on the foreign market. The platform works with developers around the world. The effectiveness of the Republic of Kazakhstan is measured by indicators in real time. In AppLovin, you can upload creative or select the one offered. It is created by processing photos (at least 3) of the application from the Appstore, Google Play.

AdMobiSpy has been parsing ads from the AppLovin ad network since 2016. You can analyze the offers to determine the most effective ones, study the targeting settings, as well as track redirects.

Registration in AppLovin

To register, you must:

1. Specify user information (name, e-mail, company name).
2. Select the type of account: developer or advert, as well as the country.

3. Decide on the platform: iOS, Android, or both.
4. Indicate the website.
5. Create a password and accept the user agreement.

But that is not all. The next step is verification. In the new window, specify the phone number to which the SMS with the code will come, in the empty line you need to register the received code.

 Launch New Campaign

After registering with Applovin, an office opens automatically.
To launch a campaign:
1.Select the “Create Campaign” icon, and in the new window indicate the name of the ROK.
Next, select the type of OS.
After choosing the OS, you need to find your application in the search, if it is not in the store or it is still in the testing phase, write to the support service. Tooltips make it easy to create a campaign.
Define a category (there are 41 in all).

2. Select a tracker to track installation sources and postback. There are nine of them: Tune, Kochava, Adjust, Singular together with Apsalar, AppsFlyer, FOX, Party, Tenjin and AppLovin.

Any questions – write to tech support, a direct link immediately below the heading.
If you want to choose a tracker from AppLovin, first you need to integrate their SDK into the application (the SDK key and integration instructions can be found by the link in the pop-up window).
Tracking URLs need to be copied from the tracker and pasted into the appropriate lines (CPC or CPC by country).

3. The next step is targeting. AppLovin offers two options:
Simplified (geo, device type);
Advanced (devices, type of network connection, setting APIs).

4. It remains to choose a rate and budget for the day. How much is advertising in AppLovin and what are the options:

  • Dynamic price per CPM;
  • Dynamic price for CPC;
  • CPI

    Dynamic CPM: The advertiser pays for impressions, the optimizer increases and decreases CPM in order to return to the CPI goal. Cons – the initial days (the training period of the optimizer) can be costly.

    The second option is similar to the first, only here the advertiser pays for clicks. Leaving the optimizer training phase will be lengthy. Who is it for? Advertisers with a large budget and a high share of training.

    The third option is safe for the advertiser, since this is a guarantee of achieving the goal – installing the application. The optimizer needs more time to get values ​​for campaign performance. The service offers to start with the maximum bid available for the ad in order to get a good conversion.

    5. The final step is to upload an ad or use the automatic one generated by AppLovin.

The service creates banner and native advertising (organically fitting into the context and design of the application), supports the playable format, which allows users to go through the quick level of the game before installing it from the store. Rewarded video is available, where the user receives a reward for viewing (internal currency, access to a new level). If you use your creative, check that it follows the rules of the service. The campaign is activated only after topping up the account.

Payment Methods in AppLovin

If you click on the “Balance” icon, you will automatically go to the payment page. You can replenish your account for an amount of $ 100 or more from one of your bank cards (Visa, MasterCard, American Express Card). In the “Payments” section, payment is possible through PayPal, ACH (for the USA).

In order for your payment to go through, American citizens must fill out and submit the W-9 form, for non-US advertisers – W-8BEN (they are on the site).


  • Works all over the world;
  • 9 trackers are available;
  • There is a choice of automatically generated creative;
  • Convenient tips and highlighted tips;
  • Service overview and instructions in video format;
  • Determines the amount to bid;
  • Collecting statistics on the campaign in real time.


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